Fast paced platform fighter. When I say fast I mean FAST. Everything is less than 8 frames and thats not even including all the wavelandings and wavedashing that just speed up the game. The biggest con is the price tag. Other than that it is alot of fun.

This is just Outer Wilds 1.5. The DLC adds more of the itch the base game gave. With it came the itch and the OOO moments and all its glory. Very special DLC for a very special game.

fun melee based battle royale, combat is a little too string lined and whoever spams the best wins. movement in this game is what shines the most and its fun.

very fun 3d mario game yes good good

The weight of world isn't heavy if we're all here to carry it with you together.

cool roguelike game its fun with a cool design to it

game was fun until our friend found out it was pay to win a billion times over

game was such a fun idle game

cool vr game. i didnt do anything crazy in it though, just stabbed people

cute little mobile game to play with a friend

i thought i was gonna like this game but i did not at all like it