in a word? pretentious.
idc to even figure out what that title even means because i know it doesnt actually mean anything. its probably just that dumb "open to interpretation" bullshit.
this game is stupid, lazy, and worthless as art.
the puzzles are fine but theyre irrelevant to the games lazy shallow themes because they dont interact with each other in a way that matters.
all this game needed to be was puzzles on a pretty island. throw away the pretentious art film "story"
it acts all mysterious with its environment and its attempts at world building masquerading as if it has a story to tell but it obviously doesnt. its just a random bunch of biomes and eras of human technology and historical periods that dont actually mean anything. its just a mystery box vibe game. its not deep or interesting in the way it thinks it is.
the audio diaries are insufferably pretentious. that shouldve been a thing you open in the menu to read or listen to. not an autoplay thing you cant shut up. actually just remove that completely its a lazy way to insert themes and ideas into the game. ideas that again have fuck all to do with the actual gameplay of the game. and theyre all quotes by other people! this isnt respectable or interesting art! its just a collage of other peoples quotes! stfu!!!!
i wish i could spoil the ending to this game for everyone planning to play it because i hate it that much. i dont think the game deserves the right to waste peoples time like that. people should be warned of the pseudo-intellectual bullshit this game is gonna throw at them when its over. i had a suspicious feeling of fear about this game that it was gonna have a stupid ending. it was the same feeling i had towards the endings of Lost and Twin Peaks thinking "uh oh... this aint going anywhere but its gonna act like its more important than it is" so i looked up the ending ahead of time and i dont regret it because i was fuking right! the final ending is just a “it was just a simulation/dream” ending😒😒😒 its so fucking lazy. the way its filmed is so cheap & tacky. the whole thing is just a cop out. its so elementary. this is what bad artists do when they give up and cant think of an ending because their ideas were shallower than they wanted them to be.
“sighhh it’s so dumb.”😑
people deserve real art or a normal game. not a shallow game pretending to be art and failing.
a game not being art is not an insult. its okay if the only art in the game is just the art design and having a visual style.
like you dont need to insert dumb philosophy monologues to be considered smart and artistic. its fine.. its okay for a game to be just a bunch of puzzles on a pretty island you dont need to impress ppl with anything else its fine. something being just simple and entertaining still has value i promise!!!!
like im not against games being more deep but like do it right and focus on that. again dont just throw it in lazily to act like its somehow now an intellectual art piece.
this is a game made by lazy talentless people pretending to be artists without putting in the work needed to be actual art to trick dumb people into thinking theyre smart for playing it.
none of this means anything.
you made a bunch of tricky clever puzzles and thats great! but beyond that you didnt actually DO anything artistic or interesting thematically and you didnt need to.
shut up.
i was expecting more puzzle variety not just drawing lines on panel boards the whole time but whatever its fine. theres a lot they did with that simple idea. its mostly works.
some of the lines you draw are gimmicky but its fine.
having to redo the previously solved puzzle after failing one is annoying.
i dont hate first person games but there should be an option to play in 3rd person.
im colorblind so some of these puzzles i couldnt even see or they gave me weird optical illusions that hurt my eyes. so some of the puzzles were impossible for me to complete without collaboration from friends. which compels me to 1 star this game for not having the option to change these things in the settings. why would you not fucking include a colorblind mode? most colorblind people are men. most gamers are men. its stupid. same applies to the sound puzzles i couldnt hear what i was supposed to hear so it was impossible for me to complete those puzzles without the help of friends.
im not dumb this game is just unfair sometimes. you dont have to do all the color puzzles to beat the game but still: go fuck yourself jonathan blow.
a tip/hint guide wouldve been nice to have when things get too confusing. i hate when games make me want to look things up. i wouldnt have gotten through this game without the help of friends. its cool for a game to be hard but i want to get through a game if i started it and i want it to be a self contained experience and this game wouldn’t have given me that. its ok to have difficulty settings you can change while playing. not doing that is inherently exclusionary. people bought your game they should be able to experience All of it on some level.
jonathan blow is not a good person.
the island is sorta confusing and i couldnt really form a visual map of it in my head because its so nonlinear. the map given on the boat is nice but i wish it was available at anytime. traveling on the boat is also clumsy and tedious af
i wish the game would log which puzzles youve finished in a menu so youd know which you havent done and also to know which are optional.
theres several puzzles that just open a door to a puzzle area already completed making it pointless. the open world aspect kinda messes with any progression the game already has but tries to avoid by being nonlinear.
sometimes the puzzles are just about positioning yourself correcting on the ground and looking at the right angle which can be stupidly difficult to get right. it doesnt give you a feeling of accomplishment its just annoying and arbitrary.
the open world approach is sort of nice at times because you can explore other areas if something is hard.
but its a somewhat linear game trying to be open world but it doesnt work as well as it could. sometimes its unclear if youve learned the necessary puzzle mechanics or not so you dont know if youre just stupid or if the game is just allowing you to attempt a puzzle you have no knowledge of how to solve.
sometimes youll do a very hard set of puzzles then later do a very easy set of puzzles realizing you shouldve done them in a reverse order. but the game just doesnt guide you towards its areas in a linear enough way. give me like 4 areas of equal difficulty to deal with in whatever order i want then open it up to harder ones after, not everything all at the same time.
at least its beautiful looking i guess.

Reviewed on Jan 23, 2023