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this is without a doubt my favorite ys game ive played so far (im currently playing through 6 so this might change) i dont even care this game isnt canon i love this game a LOT
im a huge sucker for games with 90s anime-style cutscenes and this game delivers that in spades, the spritework done in this game is probs straight up my favorite in a game from this console generation, the portraits and cutscenes are a HUGE stepup from 1&2
i know this game isnt canon but the way the story was presented in this game is just superb (which just made mask of the sun so much worse when i played that after this one), unlike in that game the sages and villains are ACTUALLY REOCCURING CHARACTERS and FEEL SIGNIFICANT and the way this game introduces characters feels so much less forced than in mask of the sun (MASK OF THE SUN MINIRANT OVER)
this game is a blast to play, unlike 1&2 i pretty much never felt lost in this game until i got to the teleport maze near the end of the game, the dungeons arent too simple to mindlessly walk through them but theyre not too obsurd to work your brain around and it makes for a really fun experience
bump combat was PERFECTED in this game, you have no idea how good it felt first time i found out this game lets you move DIAGONALLY :OOO (unironically), the combat in this game just flows so beautifully and this game offers up super fun boss fights too
just like 1&2 this game also has a killer ost (which is pretty much what ive come to expect from the pc engine at this point (SHOUTOUTS TO RONDO OF BLOOD)) and even remixes a few songs from 1&2
UNFORTUNATELY i couldnt get the english fandub patch to work so i cant comment on the voice acting in this game, but id assume its rly good :)
i dont even care that this game isnt considered canon anymore (or ever rly) this game is so great its STILL worth playing and im so glad i did <3

there was once a session where i was in the midst of a depression and the help from other players was enough to move me to tears because it helped me remember that there's still good in the world.

besides wanting to call child protective services on the king of all cosmos i'd say this is a p nice game. a little easier than the first game and the only one in the series i managed to beat. one of my favorite ps2 games.

the world of ivalice in one of it's finest forms, this game is a beautiful ps1 release. decided to take a break when some backtracking came up b/c i was tired but will be returning before too long.

Just finished the 4.0 msq. Gameplay-wise, this expansion is the best FFXIV has had so far. The duty, trial, and dungeon design is the best it's ever been, with those generally all being pretty fun. The writing however does not at all live up to how good Heavensward was. Half the expansion you spend away from the place the main plot is about, with most of it not really being all that interesting. There's some alright character moments but largely I was just bored by the writing.

UPDATE: Finished the 4.x patch msq now as well, and did a bunch of the side content. A lot of the writing for the main story is the worst it has been in FFXIV so far, mainly everything that follows up on Stormblood's plot. While I was mostly just bored with 4.0's plot, the plot in the 4.1 to 4.3 patches was just frustratingly bad. Everything that sets up Shadowbringers is generally pretty good though, and I loved stuff like the Omega raids. And the game design has continued to improve.

I first played this when I was a kid, but I don't think I ever progressed further than Onett, because I only have vague memories of fighting snakes, crows, and dogs. After hearing about it for years, I recently decided that I'd finally play EarthBound for real. Playing through this for the first time and using the Player's Guide was the closest thing I've had to an ethereal video game experience in years. This game deserves every ounce of praise it's ever gotten. I get it now.

The song of death is sweet and endless... But what is this? Somewhere in the sore, bloated man-meat around you — a sensation!

Game so good it broke games discourse permanently

It's pretty good! Markedly better than Circle of the Moon, both in terms of game feel and design. Got the "bad" ending; I might get the true ending later.

I wish I could say this game was a great, fun, agitprop romp. But it's just not very fun.

It's not a game for everyone, but the world would be a better place if it was.

So uh..... none of us gonna talk about the transphobia? Cool cool cool

King's Field 2, AKA King's Field in English. It's... actually pretty great? Like, yeah, it's janky and clunky, but that's what makes it kind of cool? It grows on you? Honestly, if you have patience for it, and you're interested in seeing how these games evolved, it's worth playing.