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zeroesandones finished Hi-Fi Rush
Everybody likes to sling around "this looks like a PS2 game" as a (frankly misplaced) derision, but I propose we start countering with "this feels like a PS2 game" as its positive counterbalance.
For real though, this game's unhinged and wacky corporate satire reminded me of my favorite aspects of the early Ratchet & Clank games, and the feel-good team banter called to mind moments from Sly Cooper and Jak & Daxter. The whole package is just so charming and joyous from top to bottom, and I wish more games approached their subject matter with such gleeful sincerity. I will not soon forget the good vibes of Hi-Fi Rush's main campaign and characters.
And that's saying nothing about the gameplay, which kicks mad ass: think Devil May Cry or Bayonetta mashed with Dance Dance Revolution. Everything is sync'd to the soundtrack (which whips), and the feedback for grooving your inputs to the beat is so goddamn satisfying. Beating the piss out of the game's bosses while some of my favorite Nine Inch Nails tunes pulsed throughout the arenas is as novel as it is awesome.
I hope we see more of this series, or at least this concept, since the whole thing is just a refreshing splash of comedy and fun in the current gaming landscape.

19 hrs ago

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