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Big aesthetic vibes, a complicated mystery, and a KILLER soundtrack

About three months ago I started playing nothing but Picross on my Switch, whether that's a sign of me losing interest in the system or me growing older is up for interpretation. Essentially my version of when my grandma played crossword puzzles for hours as she watched Monday Night Raw, except I'm playing Picross as I'm catching up with NXT. I could theoretically be playing Picross until the next ice age considering how much of it there is, but regardless...
Mario's Super Picross may as well be training from hell in preparation for the easy shit in the S Series. When I was a Picross rookie I used to think the stuff in Genesis/Master System edition were hard, but then Wario came along and slapped me in the face with shit that took me upwards of an hour to figure out, and now I'm the Picross Pope. You know what though? Good for him, Wario's a chill motherfucker with his lack of time limit and not breaking my fingers if I mark an incorrect space like that asshole Mario, who flat out expects me to have that shit on his desk by 5 o'clock sharp with a finger smashing mallet in his hands.
I'm not sure I quite like it as much as the first game on Game Boy, I don't think it's as cute, but I absolutely wouldn't be averse to playing that one again if it shows up on NSO, but alas Nintendo already wants to give us random shovelware titles on Game Boy, so who knows when the hell that will show up. Probably Christmas of next year if we're lucky, hopefully along with Picross 2 that I only knew existed like a few weeks ago.
Mario's Super Peakcross.
I'm not entirely sure what else to put here, but I will say that a few months ago I started trying to learn Japanese characters again and it was pretty cool when I could recognize them in here.

Never got around to playing any of the F-Zero games, but this is pretty fun! Could definitely do with some more racers and tracks to choose from, but the standard mode and the mini/gran prix's are fun enough to hop on and play for a few rounds. Hopefully the playerbase sticks around so this can keep going like Tetris 99.

Imagine yourself in minibus, cutting corners, driving into oncoming traffic and at a red light, just to save yourself a second.
Imagine that there are 99 of these minibuses on the same road.

i juggle my balls all over the f zero ooooooo

Was able to play this in an actual arcade where you actually put your face in front of the screen to give a primitive VR feel and have neat features like a radar. It was a very cool experience, and for sure something I'm playing again if I return to the arcade it was at. But was it that great? Not really. It's an unsurprisingly simple game, but fun enough for the time I played it. Highly recommend it if you see it in an arcade, but otherwise probably not worth playing.

I remember having played this as a child, but it had been so long that I felt like I should wait until I could play it again until I reviewed it. And, well, it's alright. It's fun, and maybe the best arcade game to play if you have only one quarter (not that that's how arcades usually operate anymore), but it wears out rather quickly.

A very good experience with some small issues. I respect how realized their vision is. Nothing ever feels like they could have done more. I only have one issue with the trick system and that is that it hinges not on tricks themselves but on hitting different spots. The only way to get multipliers is to hit wallrides, ramps, and to lean into rail corners. Which wouldn't be too much of an issue if the AI wasn't a master of these things. So you have to pretty much do the same lines they are doing. The combat is there. Bosses are fun. Needs icons on the map and maybe chill on the heat system a bit. All in all Bomb Rush is fine attempt at Jet Set Radio and I hope the Developers give it another go.