imagine playing this in 2001 and living through it in your later years

wasnt that impressed with the story

My first FROMSOFTWARE game, I have always put off playing any souls like game despite being pestered by my cousin to play them ever since the release of Dark Souls (2011).
After 11 years i decided to play Bloodborne due to the release of ELDEN RING. I wanted to familiarize with this genre to prepare for the spectacle that was about to release in 6 months time. Right off the bat i fell in love with the game, the atmosphere, music, art direction, weapons, and most of all the lore.
Everything about the game clicked with me.
Glad I played this title, wish i did sooner, currently playing Sekiro and loved ELDEN RING aswell.
Cant wait to play through all the FROMSOFT games.
highly recommend this game as an entry point into this genre.