A Juggler's Tale

A Juggler's Tale

released on Sep 28, 2021

A Juggler's Tale

released on Sep 28, 2021

Lead Abby the string puppet through a bruised, but beautiful world in this poetic 3D adventure. Solve riddles, evade traps, and shake off pursuers on your way to find freedom. Can Abby take control of her own fate and make a difference with all the strings attached?

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Super simple side scroller in the same vein as inside/limbo. The overall premise was refreshing, being a puppet trying to break free from its confines. I wish they used the strings in the puzzles more as that was an awesome use of design. Game was a bit janky and unpolished, and a bit too easy. A fair go from a small team however.

🎥 A Juggler’s Tale (🇩🇪 2021)

What a lovely little tale. It’s not revolutionary and far from perfect, but it is gorgeous to look at and the story is sparkled with twists and darkness. Another short and sweet experience.

🎮 Played on Steam Deck
Rating: 🍎🍎🍎🐻▫️

Charming visuals and premise for a cinematic platformer (you're a puppet, everyone is a puppet), but platforming and puzzles never feel as polished as they should, and the amount of trial and error gets far too frustrating for its own good, particularly in the terrible stealth sections.


This is what I keep looking for nowadays, a chilled, well-crafted adventure in which I can lose myself.
This game brings SO MANY deep ideas and ideologies that it is mind-boggling. The whole idea of having strings attached to you that can help or deter your journey can be analyzed indefinitely and, honestly, turned into a college paper.

If you enjoy playing games like Limbo, Inside, Planet of Lana and so on, please, give this a try! If you can bring some friends to embark on this adventure with you, even better.
A shout out to my dear friends Lucas and Johan for sharing this epic experience with me.

So torn on this. It's got a neat concept, some gorgeous background visuals and a lovely score, but the trial-and-error gameplay is absolutely excruciating. The visual signposting for what to do next is pretty lackluster and poor checkpointing means you're gonna hear the same narration over and over and over again.

Ein wirklich sehr schönes Spiel mit starkem Voice Acting.
Technisch hatte manchmal ein paar kleine Macken, und beim Puzzle Design hat manchmal die Klarheit gefehlt, ob ich etwas nicht richtig verstanden habe, oder ob ich es einfach nur besser ausführen muss.
Ich muss auch ehrlich zugeben, dass ich aus der Handlung nicht wirklich schlau wurde. Sie schien hauptsächlich Konflikt um des Konfliktes Willen zu haben. Ich vermute das Spiel möchte die Bedeutung von Freiheit behandeln, aber ich hab das Gefühl, dass es sich etwas in der Spiegelung der Rollen außerhalb und innerhalb der Erzählung verliert.