This is a list of features that are being considered to come to Backloggd someday. You can vote for the ones you want the most by hearting them! Choose wisely as you can only have 3 active at a time.


Game Editions Combining

This would greatly reduce duplicates by combining all versions of a game into it's base game. Although you would still be able to mark that special version when logging.


More List Improvements

Likes, list search, games appearing in lists, auto-sorting, folders etc..


Mobile App - Android

Backloggd gone mobile! This would be a release of an Android version of Backloggd.


Mobile App - iOS

Backloggd gone mobile! This would be a release of an iOS version of Backloggd.


Importing - Steam

Be able to import your game data from Steam.



See what games come from what series!


Activity Feed

Show a stream of activities from friends to let you know what's up!


Social Page

A hub for things social, including reviews and lists from other users.


Game Recommendations

Get a curated list of recommended games based on what you like!


Profile Stats

Put all that data to use by displaying stats about your game collection.



Take your Backloggd data to-go with a CSV export tool.


More Advanced Filters

Such as decades, exclusivity, select multiple of the same filter...


Importing - CSV

Be able to import your game data from your own spreadsheets.


Collection View Modes

Be able to switch between grid and list viewing modes for your game / backlog collection.


Changeable Usernames

Be able to change your username!


Showdown Events

Semi-regular events that encourage users to put together their best list given a theme.


More Game Info

Show DLC status, all companies, alt names, and other extensive game info


Feature Suggestion Page

A version of this roadmap but that allows custom suggestions and voting


Mobile Improvements

Better support for the mobile browser version of the site.


Importing - IGDB

Be able to import your game data from IGDB's website.


Company Improvements

Various improvements to companies, including company search, more details on company pages, etc...


Added in 1.1.0
Have the ability to create your own personal lists with custom ordering.

Star Customization

Added in 1.3.0
Implement a user profile feature that allows you to choose between a 10-star and 5-star system.

Game Genres

Added in 1.2.0
We all want to know the type of games we play, genres are essential for just that.

Game Plays Page

Added in 1.2.0
See what everyone gave for a rating for any game!

Comments Section

Added in 1.5.0
Be able to leave comments on reviews, profiles, and other commentary worthy areas!

Text Formatting

Added in 1.5.0
Allow for limited formatting such as bold, italics, and links in your bio and reviews.

Journal 2.0

Added in 1.3.0
Have advanced fields for logging a playthrough such as time played, physically / digitally owned, start/end play dates, play types, etc.

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