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Backloggd’s 2nd Anniversary

Take a look back into how far we’ve come and a peek into the future. READ MORE

Aug 10, 2020

Recent Reviews

Probably my favorite visual novel in general.

The 25th Ward is a mess of random ideas and things pulled out of left field for seemingly no reason, but manages to make everything work and fall into place.

Amazing visual style, soundtrack, and existential character writing easily push this up into a comfortable spot of my favorites.

Reviewed on Aug 11, 2020


unparalleled atmosphere and music

Reviewed on Aug 11, 2020


Truly the dark souls of video games

Reviewed on Aug 12, 2020


didn't age nearly as well as the original. filled with annoying sections and lame physics puzzles

Reviewed on Aug 13, 2020


Past News

1.4 Release

Time for some backlog with your Backloggd

Jun 15, 2020

1.3 Release

It’s finally here, get ready to journal those games.

Apr 05, 2020

1.2.0 Update

Time for genres, game plays, and so much more!

Nov 15, 2019