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Feb 02, 2021

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Tirando alguns bugs aqui e ali, é um dos melhores jogos do Mario de longe, eu amo como os mundos desse jogo são tão excêntricos e diferentes, parece até mesmo um sonho

Subnautica is a game that constantly teases you with more things to see, craft and experience. At the start, you're focused on surviving a hostile alien world. Multiple gameplay systems are thrown at you right away and you need to learn quickly or die quickly.

As you progress and acquire the basic tools, you start to realize this game has something else going on. Previous survivors, abandoned alien bases and a mysterious voice from an alien creature goad you into looking for more. You want to search every wreck, scan every little thing and craft everything.

The sound design is one of the best parts of Subnautica. From the roar of a leviathan to the inhuman sounds a crabsquid makes, Subnautica's creature and sound design is amazing. The music is very good too. From happy tracks that play in the shallow areas of the game, to eerie songs that make you look behind your back 24/7.

Gathering resources is very enjoyable and finding efficent ways to find, gather and store materials is fun. Advancing your technology, habitats and vehicles was quite enjoyable for me.

The story, in my opinion, was intriguing enough and did leave me wanting more. It had an emotional punch near the end that almost had me in tears, thrice.

The only downside I can find to this game is the technical issues. I played on my Xbox One S and I experienced multiple loading issues where textures and assets wouldn't load for thirty seconds, the game has a chance of lagging for three seconds when you open your PDA, enter your base, enter a vehicle, surface or dive. Nothing game breaking but do not expect a well optimized game.

All in all, Subnautica is a game I think is worth a try. Once you jump in, you can't help but dive deeper.

Easily the best of the original series by far. Rush is one of the best additions in the series, and the soundtrack is one of the best as well.

It's amazing how immersive this game is and holds you in the story from beginning to end, everything is very perfect and well done, graphics, characters, enemies, music, atmosphere ... it's really a masterpiece.

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