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Nov 09, 2020

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I would still rather play this over destiny 2 any time of the week

It looks wonderful on the 3DS screen and it's still one of the greatest games.

I was playing this when I was like 5 o 7 years old, quite often, my sister and I were commiting suicide all the time in the game just on purpose because of how funny it was. Quite an addictive game but very difficult indeed, at least for some people. I never finished and later on was happy to play again in this world with the PS2 games.

I feel like the best way to describe God of War is that its basically one of those E3 showcase demos, only it keeps on going. Honestly, if western AAA games were always done this well, id feel confident saying blockbuster films are a way of the past, because this type of experience is something a film could never achieve. Unfortunately, there not, and God of War is in the minority in that aspect. Everything about this game feels like there was no expense spared, the art direction, the voice acting, the music, the graphics, the list goes on. There are some small blemishes that can take you out of the experience and will not age well come 5 years from now, like the very frequent loading zone “tight spots”. But obviously with the PS4 that was unavoidable. I went into this game, probably like a lot of people, having not played a God of War game before, and I REALLY like coming from that angle. I was vaguely familiar with the concept of the series going in, and the way this game strikes a balance between setting up a new trilogy and keeping the past games intact, while also feeling like a reboot of sorts, is pretty masterful. Really makes me want to go and play the original trilogy sooner rather than later.

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