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May 05, 2021

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For someone who doesnt like rogue likes very much this is as good as this genre can get. It took me 1 year after release to finally pick it up and play it and oh boy did I miss out. The story is okayish and after you beat the main objective its really dumb. But the art style and the music are so beautiful and this is not even the best part. The gameplay is just smooth, balanced and interesting enough to let me keep going for atleast 30h.

Big nostalgia for this game. While it doesn't have the intense speed of something like F-Zero X or the item based mayhem of Mario Kart 64, what this game does have is the vibes, man! The music and the gorgeous colorful art direction in this game are just wonderful to chill out to, and the N64 water physics making you bounce around as you race on your jet ski is still really fun! Having to maneuver yourself around the correct sides of the buoys is also a neat design choice to keep you more engaged in where you're going. I still return to this one from time to time because there's just not any other racing game like this.

Okay so...

I do like this game. The gameplay is pretty fun, I enjoy (most of) the characters, I like seeing Togami get whipped after I ace a chapter. There's A LOT I like and even love about this game. It definitely deserves a lot more recognition than it gets.

It's just...why? That's all I want to know, why? Why is there so much weird and extraordinarily gross stuff in this game? Why is there a minigame where Komaru is tied up and Kotoko...God...

An overall fun game that I would recommend if you can get through the really weird stuff.

Truly a lovely game, with some of the most beautiful moments in video game history to accompany it. While the models and translation haven't aged the best, the world and characters really stick with you as being something you will never be able to forget after you play it.
Also I'm just gonna say it, if this game's ost was a person, everyone would want to have sex with it.
Either a 9 or a 10/10

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