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1.9 Merging Update

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Aug 01, 2021

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provavelmente é o melhor GTA já feito até o momento no quesito tecnico, a historia não é um, mas não é algo fenomenal como a do san andreas ou do 3/4 por exemplo, o online provavelmente foi algo fenomenal no inicio, mas hj em dia se tornou full grind e sem graça

protoman is certainly not the only character with nothing to him who became extremely popular only by looking cool but he might be the funniest? dude is just not in these games but we all love him. and rightfully so! look at him! he rules! i love protoman!

and i love mega man 5? this one is sick idk what everybody else is talking about??? i mean sure idk that anything here is series high outside of the visuals (this is easily one of the best looking NES games i've ever seen), but it's really consistent, which i think is fffffffine.

people say the mega buster is too powerful in this game and this is true but i would prefer that to weapons being underpowered and bad-feeling, which has been the case in previous games. i think the boss weapons are pretty good too, another consistent spread, maybe my favorite in the series so far. we're definitely at a point in this series where it's hard to come up with new stuff, and there's a mix of old standbys and fresh shit that uhhhh, well, some are better than others, but a valiant effort for this deep in the series.

anyway this game is unfairly maligned i think, i had a great time. it's got fuckin charge man dude! charge man rules. you see that guy? get outta town. love charge man.

It's way, way easier than the previous entry as you no longer die after a single hit, and bomb jumping has been reworked for the way better, so much so that you can break the game utilizing it. Unfortunately, the puzzles in this game aren't that interesting until late in the game.

Like its predecessor, its defining feature is its multiplayer.

Excellent improvement on the original incarnation. Such a dopamine hit. The era of the 3D platformer is back. Story does suffer a small bit of sequel-itis, but overall, a really great story.

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May 05, 2021

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Feb 02, 2021

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Nov 09, 2020