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1.7 Lists Update

Organizing data has never been so fun! READ MORE

Feb 02, 2021

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This is just Persona 4, but our boy Adachi finally got the social link he deserves. Mad respect for the boy.

It's Maple and Cinnamon's turn to take center stage and it was short and sweet with head pats for everyone.

It's easy to complain about the peeled back RPG aspects or the overall streamlining of the gameplay, or the heightened shooter focus, but let's be real here - this game does a far better job at being a linear shooter than the first game did at being a deep choice-focused RPG. The clunk of the previous game has been removed, and it hasn't settled into the safe shallowness of it's successor, while having the character of the former and the polish of the latter. Truly the most balanced entry.

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Nov 09, 2020

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Sep 04, 2020

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Aug 10, 2020