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1.2.0 Update

Time for genres, game plays, and so much more! READ MORE

Nov 15, 2019

Recent Reviews

Main character sucks but the rest are awesome, interesting story and puzzles that make me wanna kms

Good game

Reviewed on Feb 23, 2020




I actually ended up playing this for free with the 7 day PS Now trial, in preparation for Doom Eternal. It was much better than I was expecting.

+The action is so fast paced and explosive. It's some of the most fun single player FPS I've ever played.
+Menu shows total amount of collectables in the area so you can know if you’ve missed anything
+Constant upgrades left a great feeling of progression, speaking of which:
+The difficulty curve was perfect. I always felt I had the same level of "just right" challenge. This is partly due to the upgrades mentioned above, and also the introduction or more and more enemy types.
+The weapons for the most part don't suffer power creep. Thanks to the upgrade system, even the starter shotgun was useful to me well into the end of the game.
+Multiplayer is fun, even if it doesn't do much to stand out from every other FPS multiplayer.

-The map is absolutely horrible. If you're using it to try and find out where the collectables are, you're going to struggle through the lack of any indication of where walls are, making the different rooms and floor levels impossible to tell where you can get to room A from room B. You also can't zoom or pan much further than where your icon is, so if you're trying to look for where that one collectable you missed is, you're out of luck.
-Some levels are arbitrary point of no returns, which goes against the entire of exploring every nook and cranny for secrets and upgrades. It wouldn't be so bad, but thanks to the huge open-nature of the stages, and the horrible to read map, it can be hard to know exactly which parts you can get to at the current moment, and which parts will be locked out if you go through this door and it locks behind you.

Mixed/Not important enough to be a pro/con:
~I ended up with a glitched trophy that didn't pop, preventing me from getting the Plat without playing the entire game again. While a glitch is a clear con, the fact it only affects the trophy system, which isn't technically part of the game, means I can't give the game a con for it.

Reviewed on Feb 23, 2020


There's a specific section towards the end–a relatively custom audio-visual vignette too abstract to survive contact with words–that sent inspiration rippling through my spine. Made me want to create something, anything.

Even if nothing comes of it, that moment stands all on its own.

Reviewed on Feb 23, 2020


Game is really great, and a good change of pace from the usual Yakuza stuff, but with the same housing. 40 hours and 61% in, I think I might have to do all the side content for this one.

Reviewed on Feb 23, 2020


Past News

1.1.0 Update

Three words: lists, lists, and LISTS!!!

Oct 04, 2019

August 2019 Update

Summer may be coming to an end but we’re just getting started!

Sep 08, 2019

1 Year of Backlogging

On August 10th the first files were created for Backloggd and exactly one year later 1.0 status was reached.

Aug 12, 2019