Assassin's Creed

released on Nov 13, 2007

Assassin's Creed is a non-linear action-adventure video game, during which the player controls a 12th-century Levantine Assassin named Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad during the Third Crusade, whose life is experienced through the Animus by his 21st century descendant, Desmond Miles.

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Good start up game, plus build up to the sequel.

This game is the perfect start to the AC series and the Holy Land during the Third Crusade was a perfect setting. All of the maps and cities are very cool to explore and I enjoyed doing the side content to get all of the achievements and 100% the game.

The story is it's strongest part though, Altair is an interesting character who has to earn back his rank after making a costly mistake and having a set list of targets added to the fun of being an assassin. The ending twist was a very good one that really introduces you to the power in this world. And in hindsight I enjoyed the modern day story a lot, mainly in context of all the Desmond story over several games that made the first five games feel very connected.

After playing Batman: Return to Arkham, I remembered that I had the original Assassin's Creed on my bucket list, and so I finally got to it. My interest for this game actually started with the movie; I didn't know anything about the games prior to that date, but the movie (though it has it's weaknesses) got me really intrigued - I loved the whole setting and idea, so I wanted to try out the games. So I got myself a used Syndicate which was the current game - which suited me well, because I love London and I love the Victorian era, and while I had fun with the game, I did not quite get the entire story, so I decided to stop and try to catch up with all the games.

For a game that got released in 2007, it was still pretty enjoyable in 2020. The premise of the plot: Reliving the memory of your ancestors through the DNA that encodes everything you experience - is quite novel, and allows the game to actually tell two stories at once - a modern day story where Desmond Miles is the main character that learns of a global conspiracy in form of Abstergo Industries - and a story set in the third crusade, where the secret Order of Templars fight against the Brotherhood of Assassins. The only down-side: controlling Desmond did not feel as smooth and satisfying compared to Altair - and the constant switch made it feel even harder. I wished both characters would have been as agile to play with.

Other than that, the Gameplay is a bit repetitive, yet it didn't bother me that much (for later games, this gets more annoying) - as we get new sceneries, characters and story with every repetitive task - so it still feels satisfying enough to do. What bothered me more though, where the side achievements, like collecting flags or killing templar knights, as there where so many and they where so hidden, that you basically had to comb through every centimeter of the game map - and after a while that just get's boring. I wonder if anybody ever achieved it? For me it just wasn't worth it, so I didn't care about getting hundred percent (which usually I do).

Even today it is still a fun game to play with a unique story, interesting setting, a clever blend of history and (science) fiction, incredible scenery and a captivating plot, that kicks of a franchise that is still live and breathing after 15 years, with no end in sight.

This game has one of the coolest concepts ever. They managed to create a compelling story in the past and present and tie them together in a satisfying way that leaves me wanting more. The gameplay is pretty jank and a little broken in some areas, but the underlying mechanics are really fun and can easily be improved on.

Пытался поиграть в 2023. Сейчас просто наискучнейшая игра с устаревшими механиками. Прошел не более 20% и бросил.

O jogo não tem legendas, o que dificulta entender a história para quem não entende inglês, as cores claras cansam a vista e a história fica repetitiva com as missões de investigar e ir em tal lugar, os coletaveis também são difíceis de achar por ter tantos e tão escondidos