Astlibra Revision

released on Oct 13, 2022

Astlibra Revision is a side scrolling 2D action RPG. It contains various reinforcement elements, exhilarating combat, rare equipment, battles with huge bosses, beautiful art, and long story. Estimated playtime: 40+ hours

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Astlibra no es ni de cerca perfecto pero aun así no impidió que me maravillara a los lugares que su relato llega. Acompañado de un combate sencillo y una construcción de personaje satisfactoria y adictiva. Su historia es emocional y bella todo bajo la clara mano de un escritor amateur pero con una enorme pasión y amor a los jrpgs que lo inspiraron.
Experiencias como estas son de admirar, imperfectas pero al mismo tiempo por eso mismo igual de cautivadoras.
Keizo esta sin duda es la prueba de tu existencia.

This review contains spoilers

AITA for going back in the past and killing one of the bodies of my girlfriend who is a monster-replicating flesh printer from the future just so I can have sprint and double jump in the present.

Thank you, Keizo. It's such an exceptional tale, I have never played a game of such immense scope. It truly deserves to be called a god game in every sense, it is one of a kind.
I will likely never play a game equal to this in my lifetime, so I feel very happy to have lived long enough to experience such a game.

Chrono Trigger if it played like Ys III and was actually as good as CT fans say it is.
Don't ever let anyone tell you that "soul" is dead. KEIZO poured his heart into this and it shows. I know everyone's already said this, but it really is a proof of life.

played up until the first save point in the cave. story so far seems basic but decent. (others have noted that there are some twists coming.) the gameplay is great and there are some cool mechanics. not much to say so far. seems like a good game. not super fun so far but seems worth trying.

even rawer the second time