Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

released on Feb 13, 2024

Hunt ghosts as two memorable characters in a story driven Action-RPG where your decisions have dramatic consequences. Solve haunting cases and battle supernatural forces combining Antea’s spiritual powers and Red’s arsenal.

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Todo estúdio precisa sair da sua zona de conforto cedo ou tarde, inovando ou partindo de projetos distintos do que o fez ser conhecido, e a querida Dontnod fez no momento ideal.

Todo estúdio tem a "sua cara", e não é novidade que a Dontnod tem foco muito especial nas suas narrativas, exploram sempre com muita perfeição, nesse jogo em específico ele é grande ponto alto.

Demorei muito além do comum pra terminar o Binashers, o jogo tem muitos altos e baixos entre seus casos, a gameplay tem muitas limitações e me cansou bastante indo pro final, o jogo deveria ter encurtado a duração, missões mais diretas sem as enrolações de puzzles repetitivos e outros.

No final Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden é uma boa aposta, pode chamar muita atenção e rapidamente te desinteressar, os seus problemas são compreensíveis se tratando do primeiro RPG do esttúdio , que mais jogos variados com foco na narrativa venham

I really try to give DONT'NOD a chance, but they always mess it up.

This one in particular has a subpar combar system, it's a GOW 2018 clone and it completely sucks, i don't feel a little bit of fun in it.

The story is SLIGHTY better than the combat, but it doesn't really mean anything since the combat is so bad and doesn't encourages you to keep playing the game and do side-quests and explore.

Red and Antea chemistry worked, i really liked the moments they had.

Besides this, i highly recommend you to skip this one if you don't like GOW 2018-like combat.

Jogo que me prendeu do início ao fim. Não rushei a campanha principal por que ficaria com abstinência sem ele tão rápido. Joguem. Eu devorei esse jogo nas últimas duas semanas.

Banishers is a perfectly adequate 3rd person action adventure. The story, setting, characters, and action are all solid Bs across the board. The character choice is solid for the genre and the talent tree offers good variety in gameplay.

The problem is the backbreaking lack of any sort of variety, particularly in enemy types. You will fight the exact same 5-8 monsters over and over again, and it just drags by the end.

The combat system here is basically as repetitive as everyone says, and until you unlock some of the flashier skills it's pretty boring too. A lot of the quests amount to fetch quests in a way I haven't really seen in game like this in a long time. Loading the map or menu takes a full 5-8 seconds and really slows down the pace of gameplay, especially without a real minimap to show you where you are.

All that said, I thought this was some of the best and most interesting character work in a game I've ever played. I really believed the love story here, and by the end I was invested in its outcome. I thought it was really interesting how it used its colonial, Puritan setting to tell a story about bigotry and misogyny, and Antea being a black woman in that world really added a depth to it that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. The acting performances are universally great too.

I loved it by the end, but at times I wish it were trying to be more Life is Strange and less God of War.

No está mal, tiene cosas que molan como las misiones secundarias o la ambientación, cosas meeh; como el combate o la historia. Pero lo peor del juego, es claramente, que dura muchísimo, el tramo final final se me hizo muy pesado.