released on Mar 28, 2018

Barro is a simple arcade racing game for one or two players (in split-screen). Players can race on nineteen tracks in different weather conditions against three CPU opponents (or two in two-player mode) or do a time trial solo. Track profiles go up and down wildly and many of them loop over. Running off the track is the main danger in the game and once you do that, your car disappears and resets back to the track.

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This is a game that promises nothing and delivers the absolute minimum. Built in Unity, the true creative's choice, it is clear that the intent of a developer like SC Jogos is to make games as fast as possible so they can later list them on their portfolio. Whatever sales this game gets, all the better.
But who cares? This game doesn't suck.
Sure, you probably didn't come here by chance. You probably have this item in your Steam library wondering how you'd got it, or perhaps you searched the word "Barro". Let me tell you what I experienced in the 6 minutes (or so) I played this.
I appreciated the fact the game was honest enough to ask me if I wanted to activate "achievements", and I knew exactly what that meant. Upon accepting I got bombarded with enough random letter achievements to complete the alphabet twice. Then I got a few legitimate ones, like clearing a stage and... racing in a stage with fog in it. The CPU drivers don't mess around, either. On easy they still will course-correct within half a second and really make you work for your win.
Should you pay for this? Absolutely not. If you find yourself as brainless or messed up at 1AM or later as I was, play it. Doing so will give the developer some consolation that his Unity game is still being appreciated.
Note: I got this for free as part of the "Barro Limited Free Promotional Package", which was a Steam Store giveaway by the developer.