Bat Boy

released on May 25, 2023
by X Plus

A Sentai sports hero 8-bit action adventure! Bat Boy and his fellow sports-star friends secretly battle against the evil invading forces of Lord Vicious, hell-bent on hosting sinister athletic events for his own amusement!

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Simples, mas muito bom no que se propõe, a jogabilidade lembra um pouco Shovel Knight

A highlight of this game is the boss weaponry. Unlike Megaman and Shovel Knight, where boss weapons must be equipped from a pause menu, Batboy has access to all upgrades at all times. The player simply has to learn what button combinations are used to activate it. After beating a boss, the player is able to learn how the boss weapon works by completing a small platforming challenge. These challenges are a great way to teach the nuances of the weapons, since they can be used effectively in both combat and platforming.

The rest of the game is fun too, with catchy music, fun level themes, and engaging level design. It could be argued that the game takes a bit too much from Shovel Knight (some of the level themes in the late game are remarkably close), but it's all of a high quality. Honestly, my only issue is that the grounded swing attack should have more range. I often found myself using the air attack instead of the grounded swing attack just because it was more reliable.

While it doesn’t offer anything particularly new to the “throwback 8-bit platformer” genre that’s so prevalent in the indie scene today, Bat Boy excels thanks to its satisfying platforming action complemented by a host of modern conveniences. Stages are thoughtfully designed to challenge your skills, boss fights are intense and rewarding, and the art and music propping up the experience scratches that particular retro itch quite well.

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Come già hanno scritto alcuni sono stati troppo cattivi, il gioco è una sintesi di altri titoli come per l'appunto shovel knight/alcuni megaman e sicuramente questo è più un malus che altro però rimane molto divertente nel gameplay. Non ci sono fasi di platforming in cui usi chissà quali skills, infatti molti poteri sono superflui. La materia per fare un secondo titolo meglio costruito, anche sempre tenendosi sull'essenziale, c'è e per questo mi auguro di vedere altri titoli. Il lato migliore per me rimane l'artstyle e tutti i design in generale

Al inicio fue full sencillo, cuando llegue como al mundo 5 o 6 que es el tipico de industrial se subio la dificultad del parkour del jefe no tanto, se me complico en el jefe de futbol en adelante, el resto de jefes tienen truco, el juego es facil de romper pues tiene varias mecanicas, las cuales casi nunca se usan, la historia es muy x, es una excusa para jugar y con el apartado visual es lindo el pixel art, no es la gran cosa pero cumple, y es una idea genial la inclusion de tantos deportes que se ven en tematizados en ataques y ropas de los jefes