Battlefield: Bad Company

released on Jun 23, 2008

Set in the near future, the Battlefield: Bad Company single-player campaign drops gamers behind enemy lines as part of a squad of four soldiers - risking it all to go AWOL on a personal quest. Featuring a dramatic storyline flavoured with attitude, Battlefield: Bad Company leads gamers far from the traditional frontlines on a wild ride with a group of renegade soldiers who decide that sometimes the gratitude of a nation just isn’t enough.

Battlefield: Bad Company is the first game built from the ground up for next-generation consoles using DICE’s bleeding-edge Frostbite game engine, delivering unrivalled graphics, effects and gameplay. Join Bad Company now.

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Rating: 6.6/10 - Average
Dice made 1 great mission and then decided to repeat it multiple times and call it a campaign. It's kinda hard to recommend this one since it got so repetitive that the last two hours made me want to drop the game entirely.
The story is also just serviceable at best, with some of the characters getting way too annoying at times.
Great sound design tho.

jank but enjoyable campaign. never got to play multiplayer, i played this long after the playerbase was dead

sorry halo brohs
Golf cart > forklift

Terrible controller layout but eventually you are getting used to it and overall it's an average fps game.

Really enjoyed this game when I was younger. Very fun campaign with memorable characters. Going back to it more recently you can see its age but still an awesome game. I miss the online mode, very fun.

Que experiência ruim! Jogando pela retro compatibilidade e EA Play no Xbox Series S, o jogo não funciona bem. Ele tem uma espécie de filtro que parece meio "noise". Procurei vídeos dele rodando no PC e achei igualmente ruim. Fora a jogabilidade extremamente diferente do que eu estou habituado e difícil de conseguir lidar. Além disso, no geral, as missões são chatas, os mapas são sem vida e emoção. Jogo muito esquecível.