Battlefield: Bad Company

Battlefield: Bad Company

released on Jun 23, 2008

Battlefield: Bad Company

released on Jun 23, 2008

Set in the near future, the Battlefield: Bad Company single-player campaign drops gamers behind enemy lines as part of a squad of four soldiers - risking it all to go AWOL on a personal quest. Featuring a dramatic storyline flavoured with attitude, Battlefield: Bad Company leads gamers far from the traditional frontlines on a wild ride with a group of renegade soldiers who decide that sometimes the gratitude of a nation just isn’t enough. Battlefield: Bad Company is the first game built from the ground up for next-generation consoles using DICE’s bleeding-edge Frostbite game engine, delivering unrivalled graphics, effects and gameplay. Join Bad Company now.

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I did not enjoy my time on this one. Somehow felt kinda braindead playing it. I didn't like the story, the characters, the overall humor. And I missed a trophy near the end, a really easy one, but I couldn't bother replaying a 1h30 long mission to get it.

Its actually pretty decent battlfield series goes hard

This is like the video game version of the film Three Kings. A good multiplayer experience. [42 hours playtime online. Rank 25, Skill: 12]

i mean it was pretty decent, idk what else to say about it besides that

I was quite surprised when looking back at games I have played that I’d not played Battlefield: Bad Company after enjoying the sequel so much. It was about time I fixed that.

Battlefield: Bad Company was exclusive to consoles Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Thankfully it is playable on Xbox Series X thanks to their backwards compatibility program. Typically with backwards compatible games on Xbox the graphics are updated to a degree to make them look closer to their modern counterparts. However for Bad Company this was not the case. I longed for a bit of antialiasing to make the game look a bit more presentable in 2024 but I wasn’t going to let that affect my experience of the game. Playing an FPS on console instead of my preferred PC was what stunted my experience with this game.

Battlefield: Bad Company games are a less series take on the Call of Duty/Battlefield military shooter games. It focuses less on realism and more on shooty shooty bang bang.

The plot isn’t all that, it’s a team of army misfits and outcasts on their own mission to steal gold while going officially MIA.

This game lacks a lot of refinement which works against itself. The driving mechanic leaves a lot to be desired. Vehicles no matter how big or heavy will glide around on the ground as though they are on ice. If you try to swap seats with the gunner to shoot enemies, more often than not the gunner is facing the complete opposite direction, requiring you to slowly move the turret around to start shooting. The enemy AI can be quite unfair at times. There is 0 stealth in this game. If you shoot an unaware enemy then every single enemy in the area will know where you are and will pummel you with everything they have no matter what you hide behind or how far away from you. They will blast you with inhuman accuracy. The spawning enemies around you prevents you from being tactical about clearing out areas as you will think you’re moving to an area without enemy markers then before you know it they spawn around you.

Luckily the game cuts you some slack by making you quite resilient against bullets and if you die, you will be returned back to the last checkpoint with the enemies you killed still dead.

It’s perhaps unfair to criticise this game in 2024 with how spoiled we are with the solid FPS games we have nowadays. It was highly reviewed at the time so I will give it the benefit of the doubt. The second Bad Company game is far superior though and is definitely worth playing over this one if you were to only pick one of the games.

So this is the beginning of Battlefield's "large open level design for the sake of open design and not much else." Control scheme is weird, especially with vehicle controls (L2 for reverse and L1 for acceleration? Who thought of this??), the much-marketed destructible environments are honestly not that useful in the actual game, compared to later games in the series.

Also, who thought it was good idea to not have subtitles???