Blue Fire

released on Feb 04, 2021

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the desolated kingdom of Penumbra and discover the hidden secrets of this long-forgotten land. Explore mystical temples, encounter survivors and take on strange quests to collect valuable items. Along your adventure, slash your way through daunting adversaries, roam across mysterious and abandoned regions, leap through deadly traps and ultimately master the art of movement.

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Excelente jogo de exploração e plataforma.
Sua estrutura é como um metroidvania 3D,
então explorar é o foco do jogo e ele faz isso muito bem,
explorar e descobrir áreas novas é muito divertido.
As habilidades são boas, ambientação e músicas ótimas,
o combate e os chefes são ok, o maior desafio do jogo são
as partes de plataforma de precisão com partes difíceis e bem dinâmicas.
No geral um ótimo jogo e muito divertido.

Not a perfect game, but shines in the right parts, which made it a great experience for me. The biggest of which is the really satisfying movement system, it just feels great to move around the world, which gets even better, when the game progresses, unlocking new movement abilities and modifiers. The amount of fun i had just dashing and flying around the world in the last hours can't be underestimated. Paired with that is a well designed world resembling a mix of Zelda and Dark Souls that supports that movement and enables really satisfying exploration with enough things to discover. One thing of which are the numerous voids scattered around the world, smaller separate levels, which challenge the players movement abilities. Those levels can get dicey, but were never too frustrating (mind you i did not play the DLC yet).
Getting around being as fun as it is, i didn't mind it too much that the combat system kind of falls flat, it is fine with normal enemies and the boss encounters are servicable, but unlike the movement system, that aspect of the game unfortunately doesn't evolve much, but it's also not the thing the game focuses much on.
The story is fine, a nice backdrop for the world, but nothing more, i enjoyed stumbling across all the quirky npc's allong the way though.
One last thing to point out is the surprisingly well made sound design, that really adds to the souls-esque atmosphere the game is going for.

an excellent game that combines the best of platformers like Mario Odyssey and a hat in time and the exploration and world build of Zelda Ocarina and Dark Souls, i totally recommend this hidden gem

A friend of mine gifted me Blue Fire and so I just installed it and started playing. I had heard of the game before because people made comparisons to Hollow Knight and Zelda, two of my favorite franchises. Right from the start, moving around the world felt good, which is always a good sign for me. When the base movement of a game feels good, I instantly get more interested in it. Navigating through and exploring Penumbra, the world of Blue Fire, remains fun and exciting the whole time. You get constantly more abilities and better gear, so that later in the game, you move very differently and much quicker trough the world in comparison to the first few hours of the game. What I found lacking is the combat. It is serviceable, but nothing more. The same goes for the bosses, some are alright, some are questionable. At least I had no trouble with any of the bosses so it did not bother me much that some fights were a bit clunky. I was kinda intrigued by the lore, not nearly as much as in a Hollow Knight or Dark Souls though. The sound design is noticeably well done, while the visuals of the game do not hold up that well. Some areas lack detail and clutter, but the graphics never bothered me while playing. I enjoyed my time with the game and wholeheartedly recommend it to any fan of Hollow Knight and The Legend of Zelda.

it's been a minute and this deserves another go but I was disappointed :/

Really great game, kind of a hybrid between 3D platformer and a 3D zelda esc and the two styles marry together wonderfully. of course the main standout is the controls, all the abilities you gain are super useful, the equibable spirits are very useful and fun to collect and the combat is super fun and satisfying. you earn additional max hearts in small platforming challenges called voids and all of them even if they're not hard are really well designed and super fun to run through.
This game is a high recommendation.