Blue Reflection: Second Light

released on Oct 21, 2021

Blue Reflection: Second Light follows Ao Hoshizaki, a girl who attends summer school for supplementary classes and becomes lost in an unknown world. She meets three girls — Kokoro Utsubo, Yuki Kinjou, and Renya Miyauchi — who have lost their memories and live in an isolated school surrounded by water. One day, a path and portal leading to another world appears and the girls decide to go through it. They eventually come across a monster and unlock a power that lets them fight back. In addition, Blue Reflection protagonist Hinako Shirai will appear in the game having also lost her memories.

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Loved this game, fun battle system that honestly is made worse by how fast you always win (don't get to experience what makes it actually fun, lol)
amazing music, actually ran pretty nicely on Switch for once with a Gust game

It took a very long time for me to finish this game putting around 84 hours from trying to do everything the game has to offer. I really enjoyed my time playing this as I feel close with the characters as if they're my friends, going on dates, fooling around and having meaningful conversation I simply adore this game. Especially when I beat the first game and watched the anime. Now I still have to go through new game plus as that's how I get the true ending. I will make an edit when I finish NG+ and write more of the game. But for now I truly love my time with this game.

this game is truly something special and its wild that it exists

Treasure the relations and cherish the memories you made.
Don't look back, move forward but never forget.
Find your own "special".
You're yourself and no one else.

Wow...who knew a game I picked up on a whim would be this much of a surprise? I thought it was just going to be Atelier but magical girls, which it is, but I didn't think I was going to care so much by the end. The ending was bittersweet in a way I haven't experienced in a game in a long time. It's a low-budget affair but the entire way through, I could see the vision and how much work was put into its characters and story. It's slow and way too easy but I think it's one of those games you're meant to just cruise through and enjoy the vibes. It will definitely be seeing a new game plus run from me.

For the most part, this game is junk food. It's not the most fulfilling, but it's fairly low-effort way to experience an appealing if trashy flavour. The combat is never particularly challenging, but it still demands just enough input from the player - and shoves enough flashy nonsense into your eyeballs - that it remains engaging without being stressful, so you can pass the time well enough while you sit back and enjoy girls being gay.
It's worth noting that I skipped straight to this game, not playing the first - it seemed to be reviewed quite a bit more poorly, with reports of fanservice that might've bordered on outright uncomfortable. I was already taking a gamble, with very little idea if this would actually be any good, so it made sense to shoot for the best chances.
One really standout aspect of this game is the way Rena and Yuki's relationship is handled - undeniably explicit, a core part of their arcs, and a consistent factor the game still pays mind to once it's established. It had me grinning from ear to ear. That said, it does make all of the other casual intimacy in the game kind of weird - like, in almost any other context, I'd be saying "yeah these girls are gay as hell", but since the game has proven it's willing to actually come out and say it... what does it mean when it doesn't? I dunno. Nonetheless, seeing the girls walk around holding hands and go on "dates" where they lie in bed together is good for the soul.
The game does have a number of rough edges that add up to a janky experience, like, I could seriously nitpick all day. So I will.
- The camera in fights is all over the place.
- Enemy designs are just kind of weirdly abstract without any connection to what's going on in the game.
- The skill names all being in different languages for ~aesthetic~ makes them very difficult to memorise and assign meaning to.
- The crafting system demands a tedious excess of material grinding if you care about upgrading everything.
- The fragment system has a lot of niche or redundant effects, rather than encouraging interesting builds.
- The stealth segments are godawful and contribute little.
- There's a lot of asset reuse and padding - even if that one time it was totally justified and really cool.
- Having to wait for skill animations to play out makes timing awkward when blocking big attacks or in the whole one-on-one mode.
- Asking a whole second playthrough for the true ending in a game that is neither short nor deep is very questionable.
I definitely wouldn't go so far as to call this an outright bad game, it's just, I dunno - making good art is really hard, actually, and when you focus on the standout masterpieces that's easy to lose track of. Sometimes you need a little mid in your life.
That's a lot of complaining, but the game's pleasures are comparatively simple, as already described - flashy spectacle, hella yuri, and a relaxed pace. Ultimately, I did enjoy my time, and the game was exactly what I needed right now.