Cassette Beasts

released on Apr 26, 2023

Grab your cassette player - it's time to transform! Collect awesome monster forms to use during turn-based battles in this indie open-world RPG. Combine any two monster forms using Cassette Beasts' Fusion System to create unique and powerful new ones!

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I don't think I can get all my thoughts together regarding this game, so I'll keep it brief:

This is the best creature-tamer I've played, and it surpasses even the best of mainline Pokémon games to me. During my wait for Pokémon Scarlet/Violet to get fixed, I decided to play other creature-tamers like Fossil Fighters and, of course, Cassette Beasts. I wound up playing this more as my faith in Scarlet/Violet waned further, and now it's highly unlikely that I'll ever look back.

And considering the complete package - DLC included - costs under half of what base Scarlet/Violet costs, this is for sure worth biting the bullet on.

Also, Meredith is best girl.

Game was pretty fun but kept crashing

Um meio termo entre as formulas do Digimon e do Pokemon, só que mais hipster e retro.
A história é boa, pecando assim como todo jogo indie num excesso de comunismo cansativo e demagogo. Alguns personagens são bons, a maior parte é regular, humor inofensivo e bem simples. o combate e o sistema de progressão são bons e permitem muito customização, os monstros são muito inspirados e interessantes. Gráficos bem charmosos.
Por um preço barato ou no Game Pass, é uma excelente pedida.

- Like digimon -
No creó poder terminarlo pq me pareció un juego raro y su combate no me termina de gustar del todo.
Pense que por tenerle gustó grande a los juegos de atrapar creaturas este me podría gustar, pero no me logró atrapar.