Cocoon is a unique take on the puzzle adventure genre, where each world exists within an orb that you can carry on your back. Wrap your head around the core mechanic of leaping between worlds—and combine, manipulate, and rearrange them to solve intricate puzzles

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Limbo and Inside are artistic games that I really like. Cocoon is a production that is as good as Limbo and Inside with its art design and well-thought-out puzzle dynamics. The game brings a new breath to the genre with its worlds-within-worlds mechanics that I have never seen before and puzzles that look like they came out of the movie Inception. Of course, at some moments it can be tiring to do backtracking or perform other operations from other worlds to overcome the obstacle in front of you. The game has a very simple gameplay mechanic, and even with such simplicity, the inclusion of well-thought-out boss fights has saved the game from being a monotonous puzzle game. In conclusion, Cocoon was a very successful production with its music, art design, level designs and most of all its unique puzzles. If you have an active GamePass subscription, it is one of the productions you should definitely try.

Best level design I’ve seen in a while
Probably my game of the year

A fantastically inventive, creative, and bizarre puzzle game. There were a few times when I thought, "...there's no way this works" and was pleasantly surprised when it DID, in fact, work as a solution to a puzzle. I got stuck 3 times in the game because I had a misunderstanding of how some of the puzzle mechanics worked, but it is largely pitch-perfect in the way it leads the player on through its thoughtful mechanics, completely wordlessly. Very well done!
As a huge fan of novelty, the creativity behind the design of the creatures and environments really wow'd me. I love and highly recommend it.
With some of the developers behind Limbo and Inside behind this, they join the rarified echelon of 'each game is better than the last' teams, alongside masters like Supergiant.

Some very interesting visuals that blend with its puzzles. It can be frustrating with some of the backtracking, but overall a really well executed puzzle game.

In meinen Augen ein Puzzle Spiel mit perfektem Pacing. Die Rätsel mit den Welten in Welten sind zwar nie super knifflig, aber so kreativ und schön aufgebaut, dass man sich trotzdem beim Lösen immer sehr schlau fühlt. Genau so müssen Rätselspiele meiner Meinung nach sein: stetiges Einführen neuer Mechaniken ohne den Spieler jemals zu frustrieren.
Besonders schön fand ich, dass die Musik sich immer angepasst hat wenn man auf die Lösung des Puzzles gestoßen ist. Das hat nochmal einen extra Motivationsschub gegeben.

Jogo bonito, bem simples os puzzles mas não por isso pecam na diversão. Curto, coisa de 4 horas zera com tranquilidade, recomendo a todos para um domingo chuvoso