Crusader Kings III

released on Sep 01, 2020

Crusader Kings III is the newest generation in the medieval role-playing grand strategy game series Crusader Kings. Expand and improve your realm, whether a mighty kingdom or modest county. Use marriage, diplomacy and war to increase your power and prestige in a meticulously detailed map that stretches from Spain to India, Scandinavia to Central Africa.

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considering it was the first strategy game like this that I had ever played, i found it quite easy to get into and enjoy, it's definitely more fun with friends, which i unfortunately lack

Definitely my favourite paradox game and the most polished by far, while it’s not my most played yet I imagine it will be in time. It lacks a lot that it’s predecessor had, but over time the updates are starting to trend in a direction that makes me excited for the future of the game and I hope it only gets better, and what it lacks is made up for in the clean presentation and some more fleshed out systems

Paradox Interactive's third foray into medieval dynasty grand strategy modernizes the classic series at the cost of losing a few of the things that made Crusader Kings II (2012) so enjoyable. Control a dynasty from the late 800s to the 1400s, and use diplomacy, war, and subterfuge to control counties, duchies, kingdoms, and even empires. The map and the characters have been made fully 3D, which is a pleasant improvement from 2D headshots of characters and a map that looked like it was pulled from Creative Assembly's Medieval II: Total War (2006). While you do lose a lot of the features that were introduced in CK2's DLC, the game has been remade and reimagined to bring back those features back in an improved state, and to introduce new gameplay that was not possible in CK2. If you're a fan of strategy games, or if you enjoy games that encourage roleplay, this game will have no difficulty stealing a couple hundred hours from you. Just be aware that this still a Paradox game: you get a pretty good base game experience, but a lot of the fluff and improvements will come in the form of paid DLC.

Durante una semana me he abandonado sólo por jugar a esto.

I don't know exactly why this game messes me up so bad, but there's something about kidnapping my traitor of a nephew and shrewdly binding him into a childless wedlock so he won't be able to produce competitors against my own offspring that makes my brain go brrrr.