Curse of the Dead Gods

Curse of the Dead Gods

released on Mar 03, 2020

Curse of the Dead Gods

released on Mar 03, 2020

You seek untold riches, eternal life, divine powers - it leads to this accursed temple, a seemingly-infinite labyrinth of bottomless pits, deadly traps, and monsters. Your greed will lead you to death, but that is not an escape. Rise to fight again. Delve deeper again. Defy the malignant deities that linger in this place. Battle through hordes of enemies in dark, cavernous passages filled with traps and secrets of all sorts - fire-spewing statues, explosives, hidden spikes, and worse. Collect mystical Relics and an arsenal of weapons to make yourself unstoppable. Corruption builds in you with every step - encourage or ignore it, but each powerful curse can be a double-edged sword. - A skill-based roguelike exploring a cruel, dark temple made of endless rooms and corridors - Swords, spears, bows, guns - wield these and many more - Unique curses influence each attempt, putting a twist on every action - Dozens of enemies, with powerful champions and deadly bosses to face off against

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um bom rogue like com uma dificuldade okay , ainda nao terminei 100% porem algum dia talvez eu vá kkk

"Death is not the end; it is a new beginning."

_(´ཀ`」 ∠) _ Embark on an exhilarating journey through the shadows of Curse of the Dead Gods, where every step is a test of skill and nerve. With its compelling blend of exploration and combat, this roguelike adventure will keep you riveted for hours on end. But beware: like the curses that haunt its halls, once you're drawn into its grip, escape becomes a distant dream. While its difficulty may prove daunting for newcomers, seasoned players will relish the challenge. And for those who thrive on the thrill of evading traps and curses, this game is a sanctuary you'll never want to leave.

Combate e chefes bons, de resto nada se destaca ou aprofunda muito, um tipo de roguelike que aprendi a desgostar.

One of the best action Rogue-lites I've ever played. Very skilled based action with no shortage of difficulty, if you have the stones for it.

Enjoyment - 8/10
Difficulty - 9.5/10

Curse of the Dead Gods is a borderline 10/10 difficulty game. If you want to BEST this beast of a game, you need to achieve enlightenment. BIG RNG grinds, time consuming perfect runs, and skill checks are just some of the things to expect if you want to complete the game. It also has possibly the hardest trophy I have ever achieved - Memoirs. You need to kill SO MANY enemies of each type without getting hit by them (you get hit a lot in this game by design) AND it includes BOSSES! For most of the bosses, you have to get No Hit kills TEN TIMES for every boss in the game, THERE'S TEN BOSSES! DO THE MATHS!

Without a doubt, Curse of the Dead Gods is my most difficult platinum to date. The platinum achiever percent is sitting at 1.25% on PSNP and 0.1% on PSN [as of 10/04/24]. Good luck.

Fun fact: The devs admitted that the game is heavily inspired by Darkest Dungeon and The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild both visually and mechanically.