Dead Cells

released on Aug 06, 2018

Dead Cells is a rogue-lite, metroidvania inspired, action-platformer. You'll explore a sprawling, ever-changing castle... assuming you’re able to fight your way past its keepers in 2D souls-lite combat. No checkpoints. Kill, die, learn, repeat.

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A very enjoyable and tough “roguevania”. This game is not as hard as it seems, as basic enemies can be killed quickly. The bosses however, are very challenging and unique. Combat is fast, responsive, satisfying, and rewarding. You start from the beginning level when you die, but various factors keep the game feeling fresh upon death.
There are a ton of items to unlock with your cells, which helps on further runs. Trying to obtain high-tiered gear creates a risk-reward aspect that is very thrilling and worthwhile. Everything is randomized (weapons, level layouts, bonus weapon modifiers), so no 2 playthroughs are the same. It is extremely satisfying to have all of your weapon's modifiers and main traits align, dealing over 100% bonus damage. Due to the tight combat, near endless amount of items to unlock, and roguelike aspects, this is a must-play game that can be played almost indefinitely.

Gostei muito do game, principalmente da primeira run, acaba dependendo muito da sorte pra conseguir progredir. acima de duas células troncos a dificuldade aumenta muito. A jogabilidade me agradou muito

Los roguelikes me suelen gustar cuando me apetecen, pero este es especialmente viciante. La jugabilidad es muy dinámica y divertida, pero conforme vas desbloqueando armas y las pruebas, te das cuenta de las posibilidades que tiene el juego. Eso sí, completarlo depende más de la habilidad que adquieras en el juego que de la suerte, que también influye, pues hay armas con las que estás más cómodo luchando.
Me parece uno de los mejores roguelikes que he jugado y de lo mejorcito del panorama indie. Also, las referencias a otros juegos indies, además de lo cuidado que está el DLC de Castlevania, es maravilloso.
Lo doy como completado, pero seguiré jugando, pues hay DLCs que no he hecho aún y algún desafío que quiero hacer.
Por lo demás, por poco que os gusten los roguelikes o los metroidvanias, recomendadísimo.

This game is insanely addictive and very casual friendly. You can sit down and finish it in a 20-30 minute break. It's very fast paced, you just go with the flow.
The variety is also astounding. There are so many builds you can go with. None of the runs are the same and majority of the weapons are quite viable.
This shit got me interested in rogue-lites a lot more. Well done!

It satisfies in a lizard-brain way. Enemies burst and emit shards of gold, cells, new gear. You can slink across platforms with ease. A fortunate, harmonious build or powerful piece of gear can make a run that much easier or memorable.
But when I start to think about for more than a few seconds I begin to resent myself for putting time into it. It's built in more of a compulsive way than anything, freely taking whatever design principles from other roguelikes to crystalize a fast moving loot-lottery structure. Runs feel too lengthy despite the fast pace. The level design and even the platforming are pretty bland, and I couldn't tell you much about the lore, especially when so many interactions with the environment were just cutesy lootdrop references to other games.
It's fine for people who just want to scoot and whack their way through several rusty looking, anonymous feeling environments I suppose.