released on Mar 14, 2016

Deadbolt is an extremely challenging stealth-action hybrid that allows you to take control of the reaper to quell the recent undead uprising.

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Bloody grim fun. It makes great usage of its movement and weapon mechanics in a fun yet still challenging way. Good stuff.

Some levels were very fun, like the one that gives you a 60 second time limit to beat it, or the one that the target fills the whole building with bombs and traps. Other levels made me want to do what the reaper does when you restart.
I also feel that the middle section of the game is like 10 times harder than everything before and after, it's like almost all of the interesting levels were on the second half of the game, and the first half was just a constant increase of spamming at you more and tankier enemies.
I thought this would scratch that itch that left Hotline Miami, but overall i am dissapointed.

This review contains spoilers

I’m not sure what I expected from hopoo here. I’ve always been interested in checking out their single non risk of rain game. Overall it was good. The music was sick as always. The gameplay was decent. Having to aim to shoot was tedious. The game boiled down to save scumming most areas until done. For the most part it was well balanced. There should’ve been more gimmicks introduced throughout. It’s nice to see a non rogue like from this team. I’d be interested to see a sequel to this or something else from the team rather than another risk of rain title. I was not a fan of the story for the most part. It tackled rather serious topics without much respect. The zombies and vampires seem to be manipulated by the skeletons and devils yet we ruthlessly murder them until the end even during the credits! The cassette tapes are all fairly gruesome and paint a picture of drug addiction for these groups yet we see no remorse taken. I also find the very brief mention of suicide not particularly tasteful. The Skelton group is essentially made up of humans who committed suicide. This doesn’t add to the plot in anyway nor is it really touched upon outside of a single mention. It’s really respectful of hopoo to put a trigger warning for this topic being in the game. However if they were aware of the need for such a warning yet didn’t really make use of the topic why include it? Nevertheless deadbolt is a fun time and only should take a skilled player a few hours or a less skilled one 10. I played a third of this game on my steam deck and mostly regret it. This game needs a keyboard and mouse.

in all honesty this game isnt really anything special but i think the story is pretty good and the gameplay is overall satisfying, so its ok. the inconsistent enemy ais are a bit annoying however. my favorite part of the game is the terrible architecture; on the second (iirc) level, the very first room you enter is a bathroom. imagine having a house, your guests come in and the first thing they see is you taking a shit! thats fucked. seriously though, i just find this funny. music is fantastic too

Art and concept is cool, but the stiff controls do not lend themselves well at all to the kind of fast-paced gameplay it seems to be going for. DISSAPOINTING!

This game is a 10. Everything is perfect, and the achievements make you bleed. play it, listen to it, walk into the tinker's traps for the 7th time.