Death Crown

released on Aug 23, 2019

Death Crown is a minimalist real time strategy game in a 1bit style, where you will be play Death herself, commanding her legions of death, and punishing humanity's Kingdom for its overconfidence.

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Unfortunately most of what's good about Death Crown can be seen in the trailer. A run art style and aesthetic, but very limited gameplay.

The art in gameplay and rewarded in cutscenes is great, but the addictive gameplay is something else entirely. Wish it was more expansive.

When I woke up today, I didn't expect to play 2 entire campaigns in a minimalist 1-bit RTS, but I'm glad I did. Normal mode is a constant battle of attrition and sometimes has completely different mechanics to Easy, and sometimes you're screwed by upgrades.

Namoral, estiloso pra caralho - tanto de arte quanto de game design.

Nunca tive muito interesse por Tower Defense mas joguei esse amarradão pra cacete.

I am not good at this but it is just so fun and the art is pretty.

The monochrome art style is awesome.

This is an incredibly simple tower defense game which winds up being really hectic and interesting. You basically have three buildings: resource, attack, and defense. However, the timing, placement, and deployment of troops is furious and challenging.

A great attention to detail was placed on the really neat animations.

It's a short, simple, cool game.