Death's Gambit: Afterlife

released on Aug 13, 2018

An expanded game of Death's Gambit

Death’s Gambit: Afterlife is an expansion for Death's Gambit, the 2D side-scrolling Souls-like from developer White Rabbit. Along with six new bosses, Afterlife offers ten new levels, an expanded world and hub, 100 talents, numerous new weapons and even crafting. Multiple endings have also been added as well as some new story content and lore.

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Know what we don't need in games? To be given crap for dying. Gamers do that enough.

Bit silly dying too much can lock you out of some endings in a game very much inspired by Souls. Still a decent metroidvania to play if you just cannot stop that scratching at your wrist.

Cool areas to explore with good variety but the combat is pretty lackluster alongside the story. The story began to pickup in the final two hours of gameplay which just isn't enough. Was fun to play and visually stunning with great music but I don't see myself returning to Siradon anytime soon.

Smooth combat, nicely paced story, and really hard 👍

So I decided to play this after watching one of my favourite streamers stream a little of it. This is a very fun souls-like game that has some funny dialog moments, like with the lubberkin who speed through societies everytime you visit them, generations going by in a matter of hours.

This was highly enjoyable and unlike Dark Souls, you don't lose all your shard used for leveling and even gain a portion every time you manage to cut down the boss's HP better than last time. This makes the game less frustraiting that Dark Souls and it means everytime you re-enter the battle area, you get that much more powerful!

Here's my stream if you're interested in watching it

I hope you all enjoy this game like I did!