Devil Dice

released on Jun 18, 1998
by Shift



Devil Dice is a unique puzzle game, where the player controls a small devil that runs around a grid covered in large dice. The player can both stand atop dice, and stand on the ground (with the dice towering above). When standing on the dice, the player can move from die to die, or can roll a die in the direction he or she runs, revealing a different face as the die rotates. Creating a group of adjacent dice with identical pips—the size of which must be at least the number of pips—causes those dice to slowly sink into the field before disappearing. Chain reactions are possible by adding additional dice to a sinking set. Different types of dice are available in some modes, with different properties to make the game more challenging.

It was originally created by developer Shift on the "homebrew" Yaroze platform, and later turned into a commercial game. Released in 1998, it is one of only a handful of games to make the leap from the Yaroze to commercial release. The game is a million-seller and a demo version was released as a PlayStation Classic game for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable on November 7, 2007.

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I feel way too stupid to properly enjoy this game but man is it a fun time when you see things coming together and can intentionally line up a large chain. gimme like 100 hours more of this one and I'm sure my rating will only improve
update from the next day: yeah this game goes hard

I'm wondering if it shows my inherent weakness that I wasn't the first one to sabotage in versus mode but instead was just trying to get my nice dice combos going.
I wonder if it shows how petty I am that I immediately spent my time sabotaging as hard as possible.
Honestly reckon this game concept deserves a revisit someday (maybe it already has been?).

MY BROTHER WAS SO GOOD AT THIS GAME and I can never beat him

I would love to play an online multiplayer version of this game.
Cool concept and execution.

This is the kind of game I get mad I didn't come up with