Drawn to Death

released on Apr 04, 2017
Drawn to Death

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Drawn To Death is a 3rd person, multiplayer only, shooter/brawler that takes place entirely inside the pages of a high school kid's notebook. All of the game’s levels, characters, and weapons have spawned from the always creative, somewhat twisted imagination of the teenage kid. The game is super violent, over the top, and very fast but it’s also very deep and tactical.

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I had a lot of fun playing it, shame it died :c

Drawn to Death wasn't that bad. I had some fun and I appreciated the arena style deathmatches.

Of course, the artstyle was terrible and the game lacked a lot of depth. Still! I had some very fun matches.

The sense of humour for this game is so fucking bad I cannot understate how obnoxious it is. I gave this game an hour and I got constantly matched up against the same guy who was way above my level. Nothing about this game was fun.

Half a star for the guy who worked on the look of the game, you did alright.

This game hit the ground falling. A hero shooter with uninterested shooting, average gameplay and a cool art style. I don't think anyone played this for longer than 15 minutes.