El Paso, Nightmare

El Paso, Nightmare

released on Oct 25, 2022

El Paso, Nightmare

released on Oct 25, 2022

Slay hordes of vampires, werewolves, and Biblically-accurate angels in this standalone survival horror FPS side story from the El Paso, Elsewhere universe.

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Cute little demo but that's all it is. The voice acting isn't nearly as good as the base game and the map layout is more confusing than anything. It has an endless mode which is cool but I didn't find anything special with it. It has one good song and also is just cool to play a game from a different perspective. That's about it though, nothing really interesting.

alem do pessimo framerate, o jogo n oferece nada muito interessante fora os visuais e a ação estilizada, espero mais da continuação

Nothing interesting to say about this one unfortunately. I know this is supposed to be the "Appetizer" to El Paso, Elsewhere's "Main Course," but it leaves a lot to be desired.

Unsatisfying. Not worth the price of admission I'm afraid.

[EDIT 12/17/23] I've finished El Paso, Elsewhere and this game specifically remains an anomaly to me. I don't think I would've had such an adverse reaction if any of this game capitalized on the strengths of Elsewhere, but since it doesn't, what you're left with is a pretty bland, boring, and short wave survival FPS. Definitely feel like if the gameplay was closer to Elsewhere, this would at least be a shoo-in. Still can't recommend this one.

Love the design and look of the game, but it shouldn't be chugging the framerate down to 20 fps on a RTX 2060. The price is right for the game, though, and is a pretty good introduction to El Paso, Elsewhere.

Pep's Season of Spooks - Game 5
Part run-and-hide horror, part run-and-gun wave shooter - sadly I wasn't particularly enamoured with either of them.
I may check out the full game that this is a preview for but the wave-based shooting was a little too frantic for me to figure out where I was supposed to be going until it was too late and I was being overwhelmed by enemies.
That said, the final scene (and the main character's emotional monologue on the phone) were very well done. It may just be enough for me to give EP,E a go now that it's out.
Scary Rating 3/10 - Overall Rating 5/10

This is the first of my "recently played" reviews!

Overall, this is solid enough as a playable teaser for the real game that they are pitching. With that said, the early game is hectic and spoopy enough to give me an overall decent kick, especially for the price.

What happens next I won't spoil. I found it all right for a bit but then it just got kind of tedious.

While I don't find it a terribly compelling game at the end of the day, I do really love the format of playable teasers as a way to build hype for a main game.

It's interesting enough to be worth checking out I think, but I would never consider it esssential.