FAR: Changing Tides

released on Mar 01, 2022

FAR: Changing Tides is an atmospheric vehicle adventure driven by an emotional story. When floods ravage your world, captain a ship like no other and search for a new home. Sail stormy waters, dive unknown depths, and explore forgotten ruins on your voyage.

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Jogo excelente para relaxar, com momentos muito interessantes. Acho que o maior destaque não é só a arte mais a trilha sonora que é muito boa.

Probably best thought of as "part 2" rather than a sequel. Doesn't really introduce any new themes or perspectives, but does preserve the charm of the first game. However, the landscapes, while mostly empty, feel unfinished rather than desolate. Desolation requires points of reference (buildings, plants, etc.) so that we understand how empty a place is via comparison. This has some, but not enough. The first few minutes were good– the arctic sequence was terrible. Can be finished in just a few hours, so worth your time if you liked the world of the first game.

Very pretty but slow paced puzzle game. I didn't find the gameplay engaging enough to justify playing more after the slow start.

A boy and his boat
Side-scrolling adventure in a post-apocalyptic world.
Push boxes ! Press buttons ! Pretty basic stuff but the art direction and especially the music are great.
Manipulating the boat quickly feels tedious though.

очередная игра подражающая Inside, но на этот раз очень крутая. Плывёшь слева направо на необычном каком-то стимпанк корабле и параллельно менеджишь его. Как по мне довольно уникальный опыт, плюс атмосфера классная. Очень понравилось.

Mostly chilled out atmospheric 2D platformer where you control a character controlling a boat.
The game is fun enough at first and it's maintaining the boat is fairly engaging. It's a bit like a visually similar game called Inside except considerably less spooky and also less good.
Unfortunately, the climactic moments of the game didn't really resonate with me and the latter half of the game also didn't go anywhere interesting but overall it was okay.