Flower, Sun, and Rain

released on May 02, 2001

Flower, Sun and Rain is a PlayStation 2 puzzle adventure game developed by Suda 51. It was also remade on the DS for Europe and the United States.

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beautiful, amazing, and mesmerizing game. i hardly even feel equipped to talk about it much past surface level comments, but flower sun and rain is maybe the game that embodies "kill the past" the best to me. it's funny, it's thought provoking, and the way it ties into the silver case retroactively makes me like the silver case more. it's one of those games that resonated with me so heavily that i literally have nothing i can say about my time with it without it being a jumbled mess but i love it all the same.
fsr also has great vibes and an amazing soundtrack as well that really elevates everything that much further for me. sadly, the game is only available in english for the nintendo ds, but the presentation is so downgraded in every conceivable way and is how most people are going to play it until the inevitable remaster. i personally played with pcsx2 rendering to a desktop crt with a translation guide on another window and that visual and auditory boost was well worth it, especially with how short the game really is, but i understand how that might not be ideal for everyone. regardless of how you can or can't play fsr, as much as these are all great games i sincerely think that the initial kill the past trilogy of the silver case, flower sun and rain, and killer7 is worth checking out just for it alone, and i hope one day the remaster comes out so more people will play it and i can recommend it to people more readily

"There is no such thing as Art for everyone" said suda51 as a way to explain what the fuck he just made

flower, sun and rain make the flower grow :'-)

I haven’t played the Silver Case yet but holy shit.

everything in this game outside of the actual gameplay is so great that I can almost forgive how painful the walking sim becomes at points. the dialogue, characters, comedy, soundtrack, story and overall vibes makes this game feel like such a unique experience that couldnt come from any other studio. the game takes its time to reveal it's connections to TSC, but once it does the story somehow feels like an appropriate continuation for the characters that fleshes out themes set in the first game, while also being it's own "paradise" that briefly exists for the cast and tells it's own story.

although the walking of the game actually plays well into the themes of the story, the time spent going back and forth from point A-B is egregious. its actually very funny how much the game fucks with you and makes you do nothing but walk for half the missions, but i really don't think it makes for a fun experience for the most part. The best part of the walking is knowing that you'll encounter some freak at the end of the road who will fuck with Sumio for however long the story allows (stephan charbonie....). the puzzles were also kind of annoying at times, but most of them were pretty simple, and the actual Catherine system is very cool

genuinely can't imagine I'll ever play a game like this again, will miss Losspass Island....

Final Steps: 20,901

Edit 5/9/24: raised to a 4.5 - still have gripes with the gameplay but I think about this game literally everyday. just too much I love about Losspass and it's evil visitors

kill the past

This game's gameplay is too terrible for the rest of the stars.