Football Manager 2022

released on Nov 09, 2021

The closest thing to real football management. FM22 brings new, progressive ways to find your winning edge, instill your footballing style and earn it on the pitch.

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The Sochaux-Montbéliard save❤
Will always be fuck PSG

this is not a game i am ready for.

I'll drop a star in rating for every thousand hours I have in this thing (yes it starts at 5 stars)

the least realistic game ever (everton are good)

An absolutely top tier sports AND simulation game, it manages to be extremely deep and varied (there are thousands of teams, each one is different, and even with the same team there are multiple variables) while also capturing the essence of the sport it’s trying to simulate much better than any other game I’ve played. It would probably get 5 stars if it didn’t required that much work to start a new game after a prolonged absence doing things that aren’t fun just to have an optimal experience, such as messing with the training schedules and stuff. Spending six hours trying to find the perfect wonderkid for your recently promoted club, or changing the tactics in your fifth season right when you got the specific kind of players you wanted? A fucking joy. Hiring new staff members and finicking with some obtuse systems in the preseason to improve everyone’s form and to get your young players to actually become decent? A chore.

It’s good but only as good as it's predecessor. It’s not a major improvement.