Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

released on Jun 19, 2010
by Capcom

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a puzzle/adventure game for the Nintendo DS and iOS. It was developed mainly by Shu Takumi, the man behind the Ace Attorney Series. Game's story centers on the protagonist Sissel, and his ghost's struggle to discover who he was when he was alive and who killed him. The player assumes the role of this ghost, who has the ability to perform various Ghost Tricks to solve puzzles and navigate the world around him.

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There's a reason why the Ghost Trick fandom's motto is 'play Ghost Trick', and I agree with the sentiment. Shu Takumi uses his previous experience with the Ace Attorney series in order to create a stunning, complex narrative that spans much more than the simple murder of your player character, Sissel. The plot is far more quicker paced than Takumi's previous works, but the combination of a constant stream of information given by Ghost Trick's characters, the simple yet intriguing dropplings of the game's main mystery, and the jumping from one aspect of a mystery to another is enough to keep the player hooked in. Nearly every character in the game plays an important role in Ghost Trick, and while most characters lack the depth that Ace Attorney has, their quirkiness and ability to charm the player makes up for it.
And of course, the plot twists. Ghost Trick relies heavily on plot twists in order to create its unique story, and fortunately, every one of them hits the mark in that regard. I advise any new players reading this to avoid looking up anything related to Ghost Trick, as the game is best experienced without any prior knowledge of the game.
The puzzles deserve a mention too. While they're not as eye-catching as the story, they're a rather unique kind of puzzle, owing to Ghost Trick's central mechanic, and the way they promote experimentation and quick thinking is something to take note of. At times, they can be somewhat repetitive and irritating (the whole prison segment comes to mind), but it's a minor enough flaw that I can excuse it.
All in all, if you're interested in more of Shu Takumi's works, Ghost Trick is definitely something I recommend. It's very close to being a full 5 stars for me, but there are juuust enough flaws that I can't give it a 5 out of 5, in good conscience.

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I would die for Missile.
Really, in a cooler universe there would have only been one Phoenix Wright game and instead a whole slew of sequels and spin-offs with Sissel and Missile, the lovable ghost pets who solve crimes. I would have spent serious money on that

those ghosts really did trick you

A gem among gems among gems, tragically overlooked in its time and still criminally underappreciated, not by those who have played it but by those who don't even know it exists.
Ghost Trick is Shu Takumi's masterpiece, a thrilling mystery with exciting stakes layered atop an emotionally moving story populated by a charming, lovable cast of characters, and all of this is hidden inside a silly little puzzle game released with little fanfare for the Nintendo DS in 2010. This game has made me laugh, it has made me cry, it has made my jaw drop with every revelation. It has done this countless times over the years with each replay or friend I convince to play it, and every time I wish I could wipe my memory of the game and experience it again for the first time.
What really helps seal the deal is that Ghost Trick is an easy game to recommend because it is an easy game to play, without losing any merit for its accessibility. Anyone can play (and love) Ghost Trick. It's only about 12 hours long at most and can be described past a certain point as a series of plot twists, so if any of this has you intrigued then I implore you to do absolutely no research about this game and jump in blind. You'd be doing yourself a service.

a surprisingly profound rumination on the little objects that surround us, the way that small, almost imperceptible changes can have a cascading effect that could alter the course of someone's life, and how maybe, just maybe, if a hat fell off a hook and made a baseball roll across my coffee table and knock a cup over i might have a girlfriend

play the IOS version the font looks better 🔥🔥🔥