Grim Dawn

released on Feb 25, 2016

Enter an apocalyptic fantasy world where humanity is on the brink of extinction, iron is valued above gold and trust is hard earned. This ARPG features complex character development, hundreds of unique items, crafting and quests with choice & consequence.

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Extremely fun game. I haven't really played ARPGs other than Diablo and I'm happy this was the first one I've completed.

es diablo 2 en esteroides, el mayor "problema" que le veo es que sacar gear para builds es de los diablo-likes mas "coñazo" de todos, sobre todo si no tienes algun amigo que juegue y te suelte gear que le caiga a el para tu build, bueno eso y que el juego es dificil de cojones, pero por lo demas bastante buen juego para estar millones de horas

This game is a lot of fun. The storyline is interesting, the characters too and the scenery is pretty cool as well, BUT I don't reccomend playing this game in multiplayer. The synchronisation with friends' games is not perfect and caused me to stop playing this game because we weren't able to continue the story all together and we did not know how and when it happened. Playing by yourself is safer for sure, though maybe less fun :')

Wow, this game is my new obsession. Insanely fun gameplay, a good story that keeps things moving and interesting, really awesome enemy designs and an insane about builds and customizations you can do to tweak your character, giving the game an insane amount of replayability. I haven't even bought the DLC yet but that will change, but this game has such a wealth of wonderful content. My only big complaint is navigation. Finding quest locations and getting around can be quite frustrating at times as you aren't really given exact locations of quests until you get RIGHT up to them, meaning you can spend a lot of time looking for side quests if you aren't using a guide. It would've been better if the game at least had a large circle around the area it is in if they didn't want to make a direct marker. Sometimes roads would get cut off or changed as well between playthroughs, but it would sometimes force you to go the LONG way around, and if you went through that area recently you won't have any enemies to fight even. Also the ending was lame. Real lame. Like early 2000s PC lame. Those are pretty small complaints though, I enjoyed the game so much and I plan on doing multiple playthroughs, doing the DLC, and getting a bunch of characters to the endgame, meaning this review will probably get updated after that.

Some points about Grim Dawn, my go to ARPG:
- Massive build variety. Being able to combine two of the nine classes ensures you always have a reason to play again.
- Starting combat is a slog. You're mostly just clicking on dudes for the first ten levels or so
- You can actually make choices that affect the world unlike most other ARPGs
- Great worldbuilding. I originally was not into Grim Dawn's setting. But after talking to the characters and reading the lore notes I was intrigued.
- A ton of hidden content. I mean entire zones hidden away.
Bottom line? I like it


dares to ask "what if titan quest was good?"
takes the dual class concept and runs away with it, making all the right additions and subtractions necessary to be an absolute pleasure. if you're drawn in any way to the intricacies of stats, items, and character building the options are both inviting enough to be accessible and dense enough for munchkins and other sickos to lose hours weighing choices and min/maxing every little detail
isn't as robust as path of exile but has a better body of content and the good grace to improve over time while PoE hung itself by its own directionless maximalism in the intervening years
like all diablo clones the act of play comes second to the conceptualizing, simply being a means of translating the work of theorycrafting into something tangible. what's important -- outside the behind the scenes spreadsheet tinkering -- is the heft of skill impacts and dopamine pops of each item cluster
cartoon physics are employed to their best ends as ragdolls soar with every final thud, crack, whomp and home run bludgeon, and the expressive itemization and excellent loot filter keep the wheel turning smoothly while giving a satisfyingly direct means of conveying even the smallest tweaks to your character
we can go back n forth about the genre's queasy skinner box bullshit but any game where I can fuse a demolitionist with an inquisitor and end up a purifier is extremely sick in my book