Ground Divers

released on Jun 30, 2022

In Ground Divers has players guiding the rabbit-like mining robot Tsuruhashi into increasingly complex mine shafts of their own creation. They'll be digging for "rare" matter as well as battling underground enemies, building Pit Relay Systems to help offer upgrades and supporting units along the way, and more.

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Overall a bit disappointed - what was looking like a strategic kind of digging game ended up being a fairly flat-feeling repetitive light-roguelike with grindy currency and hard-to-intuit damage numbers and risk scenarios. The UI poorly communicates whether or not you're losing money or items after levels, and the crafting system is really confusing as to what exactly spending more money will do for me. Huge numbers appear in the earliest items making it feel unclear (in the gacha game sense) what exactly I should be spending resources on...