Guess the Game

released on May 15, 2022

GuessTheGame is a daily puzzle game for video game enthusiasts.

Every day a new game is selected and 6 screenshots from the game (some gameplay, some UI, some cutscenes - not guaranteed to strictly be gameplay!) are presented to you one at a time.

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There was a time I recognized Glover immediately because of its water texture. There was another time where I guessed L.A. Noire because I knew what kind of greens Rockstar liked to use on the Xbox 360, which disturbed me because I played that game entirely in black and white. I guess what I'm saying is that this is fun and occasionally it makes me really sad. I've never missed a game, and it's starting to feel like I'm a gunman begging to die in some old western.

I adore stuff like this. Simple yet incredibly cool and rewarding.

Don't know whether its sad or impressive how many I got on the first photo

you can guess cubivore six times in a row

I'll never forgive them for including Ape Escape screenshots from an emulator that forced texture filtering bro the PSX DIDN'T DO TEXTURE FILTERING
I know it's not as easy as this but there genuinely needs to be more vetting for the submissions, the Ape Escape one was horrendous and the Left 4 Dead 2 one was bullshit (using screenshots of L4D1 campaigns is just blatantly unfair); same with the Mario Maker one recently, like c'mon.
There's others too but those are the most egregious off the top of my head as far as visual bullshit, but they also just get basic info wrong like metacritic scores, genres and release dates.
All said it scratches an itch, always fun doing this with some buds to see who gets the lowest average.