HeadBangers: Rhythm Royale

released on Oct 31, 2023

Headbangers: Rhythm Royale is a rhythm-based battle royale game where players (pigeons?) compete in mini-games to become the master headbanger.

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só tem Simon Says nessa bosta

Super fun rhythm game. Really suffers from low player count and latency issues.

Not a fan of the memorizing games and a lot of the games have more to do with your familiarity with kinds of music and sounds, which I like those ones but for very young kids and people who might not know what the symbols mean then it would be frustrating.

+ A rhythm royale is a concept that can work.
- 90% of the games are simon says, and have nothing to do with rhythm

Played until I got my first win (it only took two rounds). Honestly clever and more varied than you'd expect, and would be pretty fun as a budget party game good for a couple evenings. Unfortunately because its 2024 it's instead a live service season-pass thing and I've never seen a game of that ilk more absolutely doomed.