High on Life

High on Life

released on Dec 13, 2022

High on Life

released on Dec 13, 2022

From the mind of Justin Roiland (Rick and Morty, Solar Opposites) comes High On Life. Humanity is being threatened by an alien cartel who wants to use them as drugs. It’s up to you to rescue and partner with charismatic, talking guns, take down Garmantuous and his gang, and save the world!

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I had a decent time with this. I found that a lot of the humour was "How long can we draw out this dialogue" which had me rolling my eyes after the first few times. However when they weren't going for this style I found it got quite a few laughs out of me.

The gunplay did the job but it felt like it was lacking any impact. The pacing was good though with introducing a new gun with different gameplay every hour or so.

even my sister who rarely plays any games had plenty of fun while playing this game i loved it

Muito divertido,uma vibe doom,e bem interessante e divertida a gameplay.

People hate on the voices but i don't mind, its a great arcade shooter with some interesting writing but sadly game doesn't have much of a difficulty so its more of a laid back chill relaxing game

There is a main factor that will make you love or hate this game, and that is how much of the Rick and Morty humor you can tolerate. As I have only watched the first season of the show many years ago, I'm not exhausted or completely familiar with it. I can see many getting tired of it though.

It's in the very essence of the game, the whole in-game universe was created around those puns, around some repetitive jokes. I have to say, the amount of dialogue hidden behind some characters is absolutely insane. For instance, you can walk in and out of a store 20 times in a row, and get a new piece of dialogue for:
1. When the NPC "sees" you approaching the store.
2. When you enter the store.
3. When you leave the store.

And you can repeat this process for like 20 times in a row and have NEW DIALOGUE EVERYTIME. It is sometimes very redundant and it may feel like improv most of the time. Still, it is a ridiculous thing to do and I really liked that part.

The gameplay is very much Halo meets Metroid Prime-lite. The pacing of the combat is very reminiscent of the first one. The enemy variety isn't stellar, the gunplay however very much is. The developers really went out of their way to come up with unique concepts and powers for every gun, which was very much needed given their origins and place in the story.

The exploration isn't that deep, you don't get an interconnected map at all, it's mostly going back to previous areas with your new powers to clean up and get any loot you weren't able to obtain before. Still, it is very enjoyable. The movement feels very standard for the genre and it evolves just how you would expect, it didn't dissapoint me but it was just not as creative as the gunplay was.

It all fits thematically here, the world and its lore is weirdly organic even with how gross and strange it can be sometimes. Even weirder is that I actually cared about these characters, and the game knew to slow down sometimes to allow for some closer, emotional moments. It was a rare ocurrence, but it happened frequent enough throughout the game for me to care about the poignant points in the story.

Played for around 26 hours on Xbox Series S through Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Short but morty is the goat (fuck pickle rick)