Horizon Chase Turbo

released on May 15, 2018

An expanded game of Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase Turbo is a standalone homage to classic 16-bit racers that defined a generation of high-speed, frenetic arcade fun. The game ignites an instant blast of nostalgia with catchy contemporary chiptune music, split screen multiplayer and retro design with modern gameplay.

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100% World Tour
Jogo muito divertido na pegada de Top Gear (inclusive tem músicas feitas pelo mesmo compositor) com pistas temáticas de vários países pelo mundo.
Achei que acabou ficando um pouco repetitivo depois de um tempo, pois cada país tinha o mesmo tipo de desafios, uma narrativa daria muito mais vida ao modo World Tour.

A very tight, very casual, bite-sized racing experience that's pretty fun to keep picking up and dropping after a few minutes. Each race is barely a few minutes long and the tracks are very short but it all hearkens back to an age of extremely simple racers and is very satisfying to fill with trophies. My one gripe is that the game constantly shoves popups in the main menu to events and other modes and it's not possible to turn them off.
This isn't a sim racer, an open-world arcade racer or anything very special but that's actually exactly what makes it special anyway


Completed 100% Golden Globe
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: November 28, 2018
Genre: Racing » Arcade » Automobile
Finished in: 15-20 Hours
This is my second time finished HCT from PC to Nintendo Switch, so comfortable playing mobile. The addiction of completing all tracks with super trophies, it means collect all coins and get 1st place, is inevitable.
Maybe some of you never heard this indie title, a tribute classic to 80s and 90s arcade racers. Chase horizons and find the thrill of 16-bit classics. Soundtrack by the legendary racing games composer Barry Leitch.
✔ Reminiscence racing game at 80-90s arcade
✔ Holy moly soundtrack
✔ Advanced AI specially when blocking our way
✔ Loveable easter eggs cars
❌ Sometimes, fewer times, frame kinda drop
❌ Can't take any screenshot on Nintendo Switch
Verdict: 10/10 ❤❤❤❤

Tudo nesse jogo é um desastre. A gameplay repetitiva ao extremo por 12h seguidas (Mario Kart de super nintendo tem mais diversidade de gameplay), sem balanceamento nenhum e lotado de DLC paga.
Músicas legais, porém

es un juego que si te quieres sacar todo quedando primero del modo principal es frustrante de cojones, pero si no vas a hacer eso, el juego se hace muy disfrutable