Hotel Dusk: Room 215

released on Jan 22, 2007

Take control of an interactive mystery novel and discover the secrets of Hotel Dusk. Who is Kyle Hyde- and what really happened in Room 215? Take stylus in hand and navigate a tangled web of lies, betrayal, and murder to learn the answers.

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This game has a lot of charm with its music and graphics, but after about 6 hours of playtime I found that the charm had really worn thin on me. This is a simple point and click adventure game. There's some clever utilization of the DS even if the puzzles are mostly simple. The most puzzling thing about this game is the inclusion of a game over mechanic - saying the wrong thing during a conversation could lead to a game over. It's a weird thing to put in a game like this and it's introduced out of nowhere. I had a hard time intuiting what was and wasn't a game over condition. I wanted to really like this game but it was just too boring for me.

Just for fun for my birthday stream. 😄

Game #89: Hotel Dusk: Room 215
This is one of the best written mysteries I've ever played. Even though nothing over the top happens (Like Dangan or ZE) I was really hooked until the last minute of the game.

Hotel Dusk é um bom filme de sessão da tarde, cheio de mistérios, personagens legais de interagir e uma história bem interessante, não sei bem oq escrever mais sobre esse game, ele é apenas... bom, recomendo pra caramba.

Chill-ass game with a lovely art style and some nice music. It picks up a lil slow, and at times it can be difficult to tell how to progress, but overall it’s pretty solid and enjoyable. Wish they had a more specific recap feature that made it easy to remember exactly what you were doing last time you put it down, but I didn’t mind pulling a guide up to remember where to go or get past any points where I got stuck.

Before I start, I have to say that a 2 star in my rating scale means that I regret playing this, and does not mean anything about the quality of the game. This game is, actually, completely superb. I had a physical copy of it. I gifted it to a family member who was looking for a game to play. This family member ended up cutting ties with my family, and every time I see it all I can think about is how I handed someone who didn't care about us like I thought they did a game I loved. I'm writing this because every time this I look at this year I see this thing and have this flashback and I want to stop doing that, so, here. This game's great.