Illusion of Gaia

Illusion of Gaia

released on Nov 27, 1993

Illusion of Gaia

released on Nov 27, 1993

Journey into the dark side of an ancient civilization. Radiating an ominous light in its path, the Chaos Comet threatens the existence of the planet. Battles erupt and a tentative peace is returned to the lands. Danger lurks as the Chaos Comet orbits and dreadful beasts lie awaiting. In the Age of Exploration a boy named Will is born. Tragedy strikes during an expedition to the Tower of Babel separating Will from his father. Telekinetic forces awaken as Will returns to South Cape. Armed with his transformation abilities of two great warriors, Will must save the planet. Gaia, Will's guiding spirit bestows magical powers and advice along his journey. With the help of his friends Will must battle relentless enemies and solve the puzzles of the ancient ruins. Patience and knowledge are essential to reunite this father and son.

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I'm kind of mixed on this game. The gameplay is generally fine, the variety in locales was nice. But the music is pretty forgettable, the level design mediocre, and the entire last third of the game is filled with tons of padding.

The story isn't particularly great either. Whether that's due to stuff like character limitations or translation issues, or just the story not being that good. It tries to be this almost melancholic story about growing up and whatnot but it really falls flat.

First GOTM finished for May 2024. After playing Terranigma, and quite enjoying that one, I was excited to finally get around to Illusion of Gaia. It's...alright. Nothing in it blew me away, the music wasn't terribly memorable, and the writing felt stilted and off. The character transformations were fun, and some of the boss fights were entertaining, but often the actual gameplay mostly devolved into poking stuff with a flute. Level design wasn't all that great, but there were some interesting puzzles thrown in that I enjoyed. The story was sometimes just all over the place, and even having beaten the entire game I still feel like a chunk of lore is missing. Glad to have finally gotten around to this one, but overall a pretty average experience.

I consider this to be an okay game. Got a lot of flaws, like weird dialogue, (maybe the translation isn't that good). Repetitive music which is just ok, nothing amazing. I didn't find the story and especially the story telling engaging.

It's got good gameplay though.
It's an action game with some rpg elements. You are awarded stat point upgrades when you clear a room for the first time. Always felt rewarding. You also have a life system which I didn't really understand the point of. You're most likely to die at a boss, and the save points are always just before the boss so you can just reload your most recent save. I ended up with 9 lives until I reached the end of the game, and at the end when I used them all, my character would just revive at the most recent point anway.

Level design is adequate with some light puzzles thrown in. The pace is pretty good, you can finish this in around 13 hours. Doesn't overstay its welcome.

Not missing much by not playing this one. Maybe Terranigma is better? I haven't played that yet.

Repetitivo y brasas, tremenda bajona tras esa maravilla que es Soul Blazer

Gracias a este juego descubrí que los juegos rpgs y aventura eran mis favoritos. El diseño de los personajes y la música me fascinaba. De la trilogía Blazer... Este es mi favorito, uno de los primeros juegos que me pasé siendo muy pequeña. El cariño que le tengo a este juego es enorme, de mis favoritos.