Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass

released on Aug 07, 2018

Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass is an RPG about family, childhood, escapism, and video games.

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It's a quirky earthbound inspired indie rpg. If you have any interest in those you know what to expect.
The quality of the writing is the main draw of the game and what sets it apart from others. There's a lot of layers to peel back if you're willing to dig deeper, and every location, character, and enemy is steeped in symbolism. I found most of the fun came from trying to figure out why Jimmy portrayed things the way he did in his imagination. There's clearly been a lot of care put into the writing and characterizations of the people you meet.
As far as the gameplay goes, it's got a job system similar to early final fantasy games that offers a good deal of flexibility for building your party. I did find the combat skewed too difficult for my tastes. I felt underleveled for most of the first half, so I switched to easy which then made the game braindead simple.
The art is serviceable, probably the weakest part of the game but it gets the job done. The soundtrack is phenomenal and I still listen to several of the songs from the game. It's on the same level as something like Undertale for memorable bangers.
Overall, it's worth a playthrough if you like other indie RPGs. It does drag towards the end, but I was invested enough to finish it out. There's also plenty of optional content to delve into if you want more.

played this for a while beat the first boss and liked the writing then looked at the wiki and found out the game is like 50 hours long

I've only played the demo, love the shit out of it.

it wasnt the best tbh
it had it moment
and the ending segment was shit i hated the open world segmit it was soo bad
but other then that it was pretty good

Historia que te mata por dentro, musicote increíble que pone los vellos de punta y personajes ultra profundos.
A cualquier fan de los mother-like o JRPGs le va a gustar.