Katamari Forever

released on Jul 23, 2009

Katamari Forever contains 34 stages, with all but three of the stages being taken from previous titles in the series. Half of the stages take place within the mind of the King of All Cosmos, who gets knocked in the head and suffers from amnesia. The levels are black-and-white in appearance, and the objective is to roll up junk to bring color back to the stages. The other half of the stages take place in the present, where RoboKing, a robotic version of the King of All Cosmos created by the cousins, goes on a rampage and destroys all the stars in the sky.

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Katamari is such a weird and creative franchise, one of the most fun and unique puzzle games I have ever played, if not one of the most fun and unique games I've ever played. Katamari Forever serves incredibly well as what is currently the final game of the franchise.
Despite being just a compilation of Katamari's best levels, it remains fun, fresh and unique. Perhaps this is because I didn't play Beautiful Katamari, but I have played Damacy and We Love Katamari. Many of those levels return in this game and instead of feeling dry, uncreative, and lazy rehashes of already existing levels, I found it fun and enjoyable to revisit those levels. This game has an identity of its own even if it recycles those levels. It has an incredible art style, incredible soundtrack and probably some of the most fun mechanics and physics in the series.
Even though I adore the game and don't really mind the fact it recycles levels from the other games in the franchise, I wish this game had more original levels. There is a lot of potential to be had here to create many new and unique challenges, especially with the addition of jumping into the game. I am not sure why they didn't just make this game a whole new title instead of a compilation, but either way its a good time.
Katamari Forever is absolutely worth your time as a fan of the Katamari series, so just kick back, boot it up, and have some fun that most other games can't seem to offer.

What a great finale for the Katamari franchise, it's the last one right?...
This game is more like a "best of Katamari" where each stage comes from the previous four entries, with each stage being remastered in the style of Beautiful Katamari.
Now you may think "What's the point of this game since Katamari Damacy already received a remake in the style of Beautiful Katamari and by the time of this review soon will get a remake for We Love Katamari" Honestly there's not really a reason to come back to this game... Actually, there is one good reason to come back to this game, first of all, this game has a complete soundtrack which is mostly just remixes of previous songs but most of the time sounds like completely original songs, and my last argument is "Katamari Racing".
No, it's not a Katamari racing spinoff, it's a new game mode you unlock after clearing all stages where you replay them with your speed multiplied by three or four, it's really really fast and really really fun and makes me wish the two new Katamari remakes would have it too.
It also has an endless mode for big stages where you can roll till you get bored and that's a really cool feature I love big stages.
Other than side modes this game doesn't have anything else to offer to anyone playing in 2023, but in 2009 this was one of the biggest gems of the platform. But even if you already played the remakes and the original games who can say no to replaying more Katamari?

i like BALLZ
found this one randomly hidden in a corner of a GameStop for like 15 buckaroos i had no idea what this franchise was really cool discovery

this is my first Katamari game and there is so much to love. such a wonderfully absurd style and genuinely fantanastic collection of songs to roll around to. the controls take some getting used to but if they were any simpler I'm not sure if this would be nearly as fun/addictive?

Definitely the best Katamari game post-Takahashi involvement. Basically takes levels from the original game, we love katamari, and beautiful katamari and fuses them together to make this best-of type beat. The music is also remixed from previous games and is marvelous as always. They also added a jump mechanic that makes moving around a bit easier. If you have a PS3 this is absolutely worth putting in your library.