Kinectimals is a video game for the Xbox 360 that uses Kinect, with versions also available for various mobile devices.In the game players can interact with virtual animals in a manner akin to pets, gameplay includes activities such as teaching tricks to the animal, guiding the animal around an obstacle course, and free-form play. The video game is aimed at a young audience, particularly children, and includes eleven different virtual animals all based on wild cats. Kinectimals was developed by Frontier Developments and was a launch title for Kinect.

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Mostly experienced this one vicariously through my sister but it was fine enough

I can't find myself getting bored of this game, though that might just be because I have an insane attachment to cats.

It's cute! Really cute! Played it a lot as a kid, so there's definitely a nostalgia factor kicking in. My biggest problem with the game is mostly due to how poor the Kinect functioned, which irritated me to no end while playing. Still, it was fun. If I could, I'd go back and just play with cute Xbox cats for the rest of my life.

4☆ - Everything is extremely adorable! What's not to love. It's lacking in terms of some gameplay aspects but it is easily made up for by the visuals. Nostalgia +1☆.

Had no idea what i was doing during the game, weird graphics and the guide is some cat fairy affront to god