A remake of MediEvil

Re-live the original adventure on PlayStation 4. The beloved fan-favorite has been completely remade from the grave up, blending classic gameplay with stunning visuals, all in eye-popping native 4K!

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A good remake that carries with it all the problems of the original, starting with the camera and ending with the wooden movements.
Nice new ost reinterpreted questionable the color palettes used which in my opinion deviate too much from those of the original, definitely darker and inspired by a burton film.
Overall a good remake, if you are nostalgic for MediEvil.

I never played the original, and this definitely shows its age, but I still had a fun time with this game. I don't play too many mascot platformers, but if you do, you can't really go wrong with this classic.

Back in the day, there was a demo of this game that my brothers and I would play obsessively. It was nice to go back and actually play past the intro. The old-school feel was a fun callback to my afternoons as a kid.

As a certified zoomer, my dad's ps1 was my first console. On it, we had Spyro, Symphony of the Night, Neversoft's Spiderman, and MediEvil. I played all of them, but not MediEvil for some reason. I wish I had, because this is the kind of game that I would play the first few levels of over and over again as a kid because my child brain didn't have the IQ to get through harder levels. After playing this as an adult, I felt like I did as a kid all those years ago playing ps1. This game is really fun and makes me nostalgic despite having never played it before, though many of its mechanics haven't really aged well in some regards.
The atmosphere and soundtrack are impeccable, especially for the Halloween season. It's the perfect game to play with a cup of coffee, an open window to let in the crisp autumn air, and a pumpkin spice candle burning on the counter. This coziness is helped by its Tim Burton-esque art style and sense of humor. I'll bookend this with the story - it's nothing to write home about. It has a really funny premise and there are even some moments that I'd dare to call epic. It's satisfying seeing the former coward Daniel Fortesque getting over his mild disability of being dead and slowly accruing more power to defeat Zarok.
The levels themselves can be fairly hit or miss. Many of them are fun to explore and traverse, and have intuitive puzzles and level design, but there are some like the Ghost Ship and Asylum which can be infuriating.
I thought this game would be a lot harder than it actually ended up being, because the earlier sections were very difficult due to the combat system's tendency to feel really weird and awful. It's really hard to kill enemies without getting hit since they more or less ignore your strikes until they're dead, and don't usually stagger. The best way to get through the combat in the earlier parts of this game is to run around like a cokehead and slash at everything that moves. If you're anything like me and got the chalices the first time going through each level, you'd know about the magic sword that never loses its charge towards the end of the game that makes all of the combat trivially easy, and the fact that you have many lives if you max out your health bar (which is another fairly easy task if you got all the chalices). The camera is an absolute nightmare though, and the controls make platforming a pain. This is a remake in the school of remakes that are a litte too faithful to the original, similar to the Demon's Souls remake, and keep annoying and outdated mechanics from the original release while providing just a graphical overhaul and a few quality of life improvements like more life fountains around the levels and certain advantages against bosses.
Overall, this was a good time that wasn't as painful as I thought it would be judging by first impressions, and is an easy game to recommend if you're willing to deal with some outdated mechanics.

Provavelmente o pior remake dessa leva de jogos clássicos do PS1. Minha crítica não se refere ao jogo original, o mesmo é bem carismático e tem ideias interessantes para um jogo de 98. Acho o mapa super interessante e a forma que ele bifurca as fases de forma não linear é bem original pra época.
Porem é inegável que a Sony não deu pra esse remake o carinho merecido, tirando os gráficos quase nenhuma melhoria técnica foi feita. O combate e a movimentação do personagem são exatamente iguais ao jogo original fazendo com que o mesmo não seja muito confortável de se jogar.

Since the beginning of video games, controls have been a headache for both programmers and end users. Through the years, bad controls have been used both as a tool and an excuse to increase the difficulty of the game, pretending to be there on purpose. After saying that, I will never understand why a full remake doesn't fix the bad controls of the original version!
Very cute and casually fun game with a spooky aesthetic. Colorful world, funny enemies, and awful controls. You will get better at the game when you master the use of the dash for everything, but the controls, especially the jump, will annoy you when you try to get things done. An okay game with annoying controls.