Mega Man X Dive Offline

Mega Man X Dive Offline

released on Sep 01, 2023
by Capcom

Mega Man X Dive Offline

released on Sep 01, 2023
by Capcom

A remaster of Mega Man X Dive

The newest entry in the hit action series Mega Man X makes its way to Steam and smartphones! Strengthen your characters and weapons with a variety of powerups to make them all your own. Then test them out in the side-scrolling action of "what-if" worlds in Mega Man X! This product is the offline version of Mega Man X DiVE. Online features such as Battle Mode, Co-op, Ranking, Guild, and Capsule are not included. Collaboration contents such as characters and stages from other Capcom franchises are not available in the game.

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While I think it's absolutely fantastic that Capcom preserved the game after it ended, and the roster is incredible, legit activated the Mega Man neurons in my brain, it still suffers from the gacha issues of "this boss is intensely stronger than you so now you have to grind to get to his level". Tedium galore. It's definitely no substitute for the real deal, it's a great reminder of why I love the Mega Man franchise to begin with.

Megaman X Dive is pure fanservice. Every character in the entire series is pretty much playable so you have your dream roster as a Megaman fan. Having said that, the most important thing here in Megaman games, the gameplay, is absolutely terrible and watered down as it is a mobile game. The game is super easy and there is next to no platforming. There are hundreds of levels here which boil down to run down a hall and auto shoot enemies for 30 seconds. The idea of a great Megaman game for fans is here, it's just executed terribly.

I should start by saying i never played the gacha version, because i fucking hate those things. I bought it because it had a 50% discount and i was curious, honestly i was expecting to play it for 20 minutes before getting a refund.

And now here i am, like 20 hours later writing a review for it.
It's really fun, of course it's not as good as most other MM games, but as a spin off it's pretty nice. I get to play with a bunch of characters i always wanted to use (or are very rare as playable characters) like Roll, Sigma, Vile or Pandora wich is great... buuuut not really. You actually play with generic weapons you equip them with and the only thing the character brings is 2 skills, and depending on the character it can feel great and make them feel unique (Sigma for example feels like playing his first phase in X1) or really lame (the Vile and Roll skills were disappointing).

I have two problems with the weapons in the game:
1) Most of them are random made up garbage
2) Lack of variety in the melee weapons

The Z-Saber is not in the game, Sigma's Lightsaber is not in the game, i can't use Roll's broom as a sword, Vile's shoulder machine gun is just a prop that makes him look silly while he uses a different machine gun, there's not even an option to use the character weapon as a skin. Instead all we can use is some Neptunia looking toy weapons. There's a few "real" weapons in the game like Sigma's Scythe but you can count them with your fingers.

As for melee weapons, it's all swords with a very few exceptions and i'm sure they all play the same.

Another big problem i have is the roster. Why is there SO many wasted slots on skin tier characters? Don't get me wrong, a lot of the event variants are super cool/cute and i want to use them, but did they really need to be separate characters? You could just make a skin for most of them and make space for characters that were left out like robot masters or mavericks, side characters like Duo, or fucking Ashe/Grey/Vent (seriosusly why the hell are they not in the game?!?!?!?!). But no, we have 5 different Irsises instead.
What makes it worse is that they added original characters to the game, and i wouldn't mind if it wasn't because there's a lot of possible REAL characters that were left out, instead of something like Ashe, Snake Man or Fire Man.exe we get a bunch of Ricos. I don't even dislike the original gacha characters, but there are so many chars i'd take over them, i'd even prefer getting a Sniper Joe instead of Swimsuit Rico or some shit.

I'm not done yet but the plot is ass, i don't care, Rico is annoying and Via sucks. The fact that you're supposed to be a super fan that has a lot of experience with the series but Rico treats you like you've never seen a controller before is irritating. The tutorial on the highway was the worst, that level is an excellent "organic" tutorial, being interrupted all the time to be told how to attack or wall climb feels like a crime.

There's so much wasted potential here it hurts, it could have been the ultimate fanservice game for MM fans, instead it's just a very ok spin off. At least it's fun.

Péssimo. Gachas não me descem principalmente por conta do balanceamento de qualquer coisa que tente fazer níveis ainda ter que se basear em quanto tempo ou dinheiro você investe no jogo e mesmo não tendo mais o formato predatório em um, o design disso continua impregnado. O level design é fraquíssimo e os inimigos até mais comuns são ou esponja de danos, ou teu personagem completamente ignora eles, sem meio termo - obrigado Eratoeir por ter feito terminar isso com invencibilidade permanente entediante, porém fácil. A história fraquíssima não ajuda, evite.