Vibrant Animation • Relentless Enemies
Unsurpassed Graphics • Hidden Secrets
Mega Man X4 bombards the PlayStation game console and never lets up!

Battle armies of Maverick Reploid Robots while mastering all-new strategic moves like the Air Hover and Zero's Saber Tactic system. Discover a myriad of power-ups, secret rooms, extra weapons and invincible vehicles to take on 8 all new X-Hunter Bosses. And for the first time, play as Mega Man X or battle with his mighty partner Zero in 2 separate adventures. Mega Man X4 - now you can be a hero, or a Zero!

* Now, play as Mega Man X or Zero!
* New X-Hunter levels with vivid color, brilliant detail, intricate passages, secret rooms and hard-to-reach items.
* Invincible vehicles like the Land Chaser superbike and other robot ride armors.

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Played on the Legacy Collection on Switch. I don't know if indeed finally git gud, but it seemed to me that it was stupidly easy, and didn't really bring anything interesting... and the anime cutscenes are atrocious.
Haven't played with Zero yet, I will update if that makes me think differently, but so far, quite "meh".

Bad voice acting aside it stands with X1 as the best X game cus of how good the gameplay is

It really seems like they tried too hard to course correct from X3 and made this game so easy. All the stages are so short especially the Sigma ones and there really wasn't many items to find (I can see this being a positive for most). Mega Man making shitty voices and cutscenes a staple now is hilarious. Cyberspace was easily my favourite stage for just being so fun to speed through. It did feel like a lot more stages just let you go super fast compared to the previous ones.

Zero is fun as fuck though so I'm glad for that. Despite my complaints I still loved everything else about it and rate it a bit higher than X2/X3.
If this is a preview of how the Mega Man Zero games will play like then I'm in for a great time.


uhhh its good ig
idk maybe the fact i was sick and bored made me like this less but... idk this was GOOD and all but i was pretty underwhelmed

I played as zero and it just didnt have that slick feel of the zero games so i probably should have played as X but oh no you cant change it??

The idea of a level with ranks is... cool? i dont know it just doesnt mean much, nor does the idea of new moves rather than weapons, which sounds good bc you wont be paranoid about the weapon energy, but they are all so clunky to use

The control is great, the visuals are flashy, these bosses are fine, nothing special, nothing awful, the level design is mostly really good but has a lot of spamming and seemingly unavoidable damage that makes it feel... unfair

Good game, very good game, but overrated