released on Mar 10, 2005

An evil planet named Meteo is sending storms of world-ending meteors across the galaxy, and only your puzzle skills can stop them. As blocks drop down on the lower screen, you must use the DS's stylus to match up blocks of the same color. Once you have enough blocks connected, they'll shoot back into the sky to form planets on the upper screen.

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I’m not one for this sort of puzzle game, but Meteos is a really good one. Must-play if you like the genre.

Probably the most infinitely replayable puzzle game I've invested my time into. Suck it, Tetris.

A fun block puzzle game. The different planets were neat, and the versus was a cool feature, but the balance was whack.

adds a refreshing dynamism to the falling block puzzle archetype. can get overwhelming at first but makes for a satisfying challenge. a remaster/sequel with online play would be great!

Anyways, Meteos is a pretty decent falling block puzzle game. The thing is... I am fucking DOGSHIT at falling block puzzle games. And this game is no exception.
It's like Panel de Pon on crack, and I'm already not good at Panel de Pon.
I also think it moves too fast for me. I'll start a game and have a good time... for like a minute. And then my screen is flooded with blocks and my eyes are darting all over the place. And with all of the over the top sound effects playing, it's fucking sensory overload and I can't really handle it.
If you do enjoy these types of games, then definitely give it a shot. I mainly just played it because it was made by Sakurai, and not because I'm a massive fan of this genre. It's fine but not my thing.

i don't belong here, why arent i on luna=luna
Nearly two decades later and it still slaps. It's a puzzle game with a robust singleplayer experience, a fun & refined aesthetic, and a lot of granular, hidden mechanical depth to explore - on the DS, no less! That's not even getting into the delightful aesthetics. Just really impressive and fun stuff.