released on Dec 08, 2016

Since the dawn of ever, warriors have banded together to fight evil. Now… Mii characters based on your favorite people must unite to do turn-based battle and save Miitopia! Cast them in roles across the kingdom, manage friendships, and give them jobs with distinct stats, abilities, gear, and a custom look. Then behold as awesomeness unfolds! Guide your team of Mii characters on a quest to defeat the Dark Lord and restore the stolen faces of the citizens of Miitopia. As you watch with bated breath, Mii characters will mingle over food, camping, exercise, sleeping arrangements, and yes, combat! In these wild, yet traditional RPG battles, your party’s relationships affect the outcome. Enemies attack while you explore the world map, which is littered with hidden paths and treasures. Talk about a win-win!

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This game caused me severe brain rot. The novelty of this game, being an RPG starring anyone you want, wears off after you leave the first town. Then the game repeats that town. Like 8 times. Not to mention the fact that you dont even play the game; there isnt any point to. Once you have a full party you might as well just turn on auto battle and hold fast forward. Speaking of, the game doesn't even let you know that there IS a fast forward button, so I learned of this fact after 30 hours of playing the game. Playing this game made me reevaluate my life choices in even playing video games at all. It's that bad.

Very fun and goofy, really wish Nintendo would do more silly Mii games like this

Out of the biggest surprises I played from 2017, Miitopia was certainly up there.
Despite a lot of the game being automated aside from your main hero, you still have a sense of customization and planning for your party, like how you can put them alongside others for added benefits, the classes making a character be unique to one another, and help in raising their stats using the food you find during the adventure.
One major aspect that made me very happy was the overall usage of the Miis themselves. You can make any Mii in the game whatever kind of character you want, even if it's the most ridiculous thing imaginable. It adds so much charm to the story, which itself is very fun to go through, despite how its not the deepest compared to other RPGs.
But if there was anything that made me absolutely surprised was the music itself. This might be, hands down, one of the most underrated OSTs from Nintendo. The field themes and battle themes are very catchy and infectious, and huge shoutout to the final boss theme for hitting really hard.
Nowadays, I recommend playing the Switch version over the original, but I still appreciate what the original 3DS version offered. Well done.

Charming but better suited for kids. Super repetitive.

One of the most creative RPG concepts I've ever seen excuted