released on Mar 07, 2018

Northgard is a strategy game based on Norse mythology in which you control a clan of Vikings vying for the control of a mysterious newfound continent.

- Build your settlement on the newly discovered continent of Northgard

- Assign your vikings to various jobs (Farmer, Warrior, Sailor, Loremaster...)

- Manage your resources carefully and survive harsh winters and vicious foes

- Expand and discover new territory with unique strategic opportunities

- Achieve different victory conditions (Conquest, Fame, Lore, Trading...)

- Play against your friends or against an AI with different difficulty levels and personalities

- Enjoy dedicated servers and grind the ranks to reach the final Norse God rank!

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It is a fun game, but for some reason you need to pay for every single extra clan, not worth buying.

It's alright.
It feels like a very introductory city-builder/real-time-strategy. Basically, you manage 3 renewable resources and interchangeable workers/soldiers, not unlike a 90's RTS. The city building is limited to about 9 non-military buildings, some of which you may never even build in a game. Then to make the game a little bit more complex, there's 2 advanced resources for other projects and 3 different types of perk trees with their own paths, each dependent on the clan you choose.
It's a pretty game with decent music that doesn't feel repetitive. It has a very simple and accessible user interface. The difficulty scales by numbers, which means the harder the difficulty, there'll be +1 wolf or +1 bear per region.
For a veteran RTS/4X/City-building fan, I find it pretty boring. However, this is something I could share with family as an easy, fun strategy game to step into other games of the genre, or just put hours and hours into.
I still recommend it because it does what it's supposed to very well and the free play can generate a lot of fun, quick games.

really good but i dont like rts games that much

A very fun strategy game and a nice game to play collaboratively with pals.

vale 20 conto, mais que isso é triste pagar em