Onechanbara Z2: Chaos

released on Oct 30, 2014

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos is a hack-and-slash game developed by Tamsoft and is part of the zombie slasher series Onechanbara. Compared to the earlier Onechanbara games, Onechanbara Z2: Chaos is faster paced. Aya, Kagura, Saya, and Saki fight alongside each other in the game. You can switch between characters on the fly and set up two character combos called Cross Merge Combinations. All of the girls can temporarily transform by triggering a Dear Drive and to finally execute enemies you do a series of swipes using the PS4′s touch panel.

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Onechanbara is a franchise I often remember seeing on the shelf at EB Games when I was younger and always being vaguely intrigued by it (which could have to do with the bikinis but thats besides the point). I had played Onechanbara Origin in 2022 for the Platinum trophy and had a decently fun time with it, so I was down to try Z2 Chaos once it went on sale. I'm definitely glad I waited for it be a cheap one because while it is a fun time, there is a lot of jank to be experienced. The combat is enjoyable but does lack depth, especially once you realize your main combo is the most effective, so why would you use anything else. Story wise, it's an Onechanbara game so don't expect much there. I will say the music is probably the biggest highlight, there is a lot of solid tunes throughout Z2, and the transformation themes are the star of the show. The characters are also pretty enjoyable, my favourites specifically being Aya and Kagura, but its an enjoyable cast for the short time you spend with them. Side note regarding preformance, but the game would crash on two specific fights practically every single playthrough, so that was a bit of a fun killer. Would I ever play Z2 Chaos again now that I got the Platinum trophy for it? Probably not, Origin is much more fun experience, but I do think Z2 Chaos does have enough charm to warrant a playthough if you ever find it cheap.

I bought this as a teenager. Stop judging me.
I saw boobs. I made the purchase.😶
Other than the artstyle and framerate, this game doesn't offer much. Dont let it tempt u. stay away.

Cute demon chicks in bikini wreaking havoc.

Whoa, did some actual effort just go into a Onechanbara game? Alright, so maybe that's not fair. The whole point of these "Simple Series" titles was to be made as cheaply as possible, in order to be sold for as cheaply as possible. Seems like this one had a bit of a hike in budget though, especially compared to the other entries that saw a release here in the West. The enemies and stages still look like Unity Asset Store flips, but the character models for the girls themselves are quality and highly detailed. Plus, it lacks the blurry visuals of and features less repetitive level design than the two Bikini outings. Heck, there's even English voice acting accompanied by writing devoid of the bizarre self-seriousness of its predecessors and packing plenty of playful banter between the four ladies. Stuff that goes a long way towards injecting a much-needed dose of previously sorely missing energetic personality to the mix.

These fairly massive steps forward in the presentation department all feel like a push to attract a larger audience to the property than just horny weebs who don't mind jank. It's a nice effort, but unfortunately the thing that will continue to hold them back from that goal is the gameplay, although it's not as if progress wasn't made there as well. The action has undergone a significant, much appreciated upping of pace into faster and more furious territory. A new move lets you cover distance quickly by allowing you to lunge towards the undead with the push of a button and each swipe of your swords sends bright, flashy colors spilling across the screen. A welcome change from the slow, stiff combat of before. Fun secondary weapons such as giant chainsaws and a knockoff Blades of Athena also provide enough initial excitement to distract you early on from the problems of simplicity that eventually become apparent and keep this from ever sitting alongside the Ninja Gaidens and Devil May Crys of the world. Namely basic enemy types that offer no threat, top "V" rankings that can be easily scored through mere button-mashing, bosses you can't strategize against as there's no way to interrupt their attacks, and worst of the bunch being excessive padding in the later stages against brutally lengthy waves of damage-sponge special monsters. Stuff that turns the mindless entertainment into monotony if you don't regularly step away for a while.

There's certainly no depth to this hack and slasher. Although, if you're looking for some cheap titillation it's got that in spades. I've criticized this franchise in the past for failing to live up to its true raunchy potential. Well, that won't be the case here. Our heroines' swimsuit bottoms don't quite provide the necessary amount of coverage in the back (almost as if they're wearing them backwards or something) so there's always a pretty generous amount of butt-crack on display, their new super-powered forms often reveal their full rear-ends to the player, and there are plenty of naughty, naughty optional costumes to unlock. So, you gamers looking a decent cocktease finally have a viable enough option to pull yourselves off of Bayonetta for a minute. I suppose you could count that as another stride towards this property one day living up to the promise it still shows. It's not quite there yet, but it's getting closer. How mind-numbing it can be at points means the Wii entry remains my favorite. I do appreciate seeing that Tamsoft is making some necessary advancements in an attempt to achieve wider appeal, however.


Janky, but very fun action game. Over-the-top and lighthearted story and characters. Feels like an anime OVA that aired late at night.

out of all of the hack and slash games i played this year, why is this one my favourite..
it's really bad and basic but... yet so fun..